Automated solution makes handling payments easy

With Virta, you only need to set your prices. We’ll take it from there and handle all payments & invoicing processes for you. 

Setting own prices

First things first – setting your prices for EV charging services. After that, we’ll handle the rest. 

Automated payments & invoicing

Flexible and automated payments are at the core of a charging business. Your customers will be automatically charged from their customer account or payment card after each charging event. You receive the revenue in your bank account on a monthly basis. 

VAT handling

Local VAT registration and cross-border transaction handling are crucial when offering electric vehicle charging services in Europe. That’s why we take care of all VAT matters and other national requirements on your behalf. 

Compliance & regulations

The EV charging legislation, from VAT compliance to national laws, is ever-evolving. With Virta, you won’t have to worry about any compliance risks – we actively follow the industry legislation and ensure the service is in accordance with the regulations for you. 

Payment options for EV drivers

Hand holding smartphone register screen blue background
Mobile app

The Virta mobile app is available on iOS and Android. With the app, EV drivers can find and reserve stations, start and stop charging, and pay with the method of their choice. 

The intuitive app also lets EV drivers manage their account, add favourite stations, view their charging history, and print charging receipts. 

Hand holding RFID tag blue background
RFID tags & keyrings

You can also offer your customers RFID charging tags and key rings. RFID tags are used for identification at charging stations and enable EV drivers to start and end charging sessions. 

The service works on a prepaid basis where your customers can add charging value at any time. All payments are carried out automatically through Virta. 

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One-time payment (OTP)

Unregistered EV drivers can also charge up at your public stations with our one-time payment option. Customers simply choose the correct charging station on a one-time payment page, input relevant payment information, and start charging their car. Customers are billed from their payment card after their charging event ends. 

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