Loyalty Pricing: Build up customer loyalty with discounted pricing schemes

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Feb 1, 2024 12:31:09 PM

As electric vehicle (EV) charging becomes more commonly accessible for EV drivers, charging point operators (CPOs) must distinguish themselves from the competition to attract new customers and foster long-term satisfaction. 

Like in any other customer-facing business, loyalty programmes and discounted pricing can make the above mentioned a reality. And it’s no different in the case of EV charging. 


At Virta, we’re introducing Loyalty Pricing, a feature that enables Charging Point Operators (CPOs) to offer a discount on charging prices for a specific group of users. 


You, as the CPO, can set the Loyalty Pricing tariff easily in the Virta Platform by %, decreasing the original tariff. Loyalty Pricing plans can be set up for a fixed time and date or made valid until further change is made. These prices will be automatically adjusted in your monthly invoices. 

EN - loyalty pricing

Your EV drivers will see the details of the Loyalty Pricing in their own account view in the Virta mobile app.


Loyalty schemes 

Implementing loyalty programmes and strategies builds customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business. Such loyalty programmes can also be a great source of data and insights into the charging behaviour of your customers, which is beneficial when improving the quality of your charging services. Discounted charging rates can be a powerful part of your loyalty schemes, satisfy your current customers and attract new ones. 

Employee benefits 

For EV drivers, charging their electric cars at the workplace is becoming the norm. Home charging possibilities are minimal or nonexistent for many. And as the public charging network still needs to be developed to answer the ever-growing demand, the workplace becomes the perfect place for recharging. With Loyalty Pricing, companies can offer their employees discounted prices for EV charging and make their charging experiences more convenient and affordable. 

For example, employers can set up more attractive rates for Mondays or Fridays to boost office attendance. EV driver experience becomes more affordable while enhancing company productivity.

Limited time campaigns 

Loyalty prices can be set up for specific periods to incentivise your customers to charge during usually low-demand periods or, on the other hand, enhance customer satisfaction during high-demand seasons like the holiday season. These limited-time campaigns can also bring more revenue into your pocket. 


Enhance customer loyalty 

Building long-lasting relationships with customers is critical for businesses in any industry. And with pricing being one of the top aspects of driving customer loyalty, optimising your pricing strategy and offering discounted rates keeps your existing customers engaged and loyal to your brand. 

Attract new customers 

Customers are often in search of the most affordable prices. The vision of paying less for charging than at other charging providers can be a reason enough for them to become a customer of your charging network. Loyalty Pricing allows you to attract more customers and increase charging session volume.  

Build a competitive advantage 

As the EV charging market grows, more and more players are offering charging services to their customers. From retail stores to petrol stations, it’s becoming easier for EV drivers to find charging stations wherever they go. That’s why it’s becoming crucial for charging providers to find ways to distinguish their charging service from the competition. Unique loyalty pricing might be the competitive advantage you’re looking for. 

Make the most out of seasonal campaigns 

Loyalty Pricing allows you to set special pricing for specific periods, enabling you to run limited-time campaigns to enhance revenue and customer satisfaction during high-demand seasons. 


Loyalty Pricing is only one of many features designed to make your life as the charging point operator easier. Set your loyalty prices on our cloud-based platform that makes it easy for you to monitor, manage and optimise your EV charging operations remotely.

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