Increase coverage and EV driver reach with EV roaming

Roaming in EV charging allows EV drivers to charge their cars outside their charging service provider’s network with one customer account. As EV sales continue to climb, roaming is essential in handling the EV boom while giving EV drivers the convenience they’re after.

The Virta roaming solution is the easiest way to offer roaming services without stressing over complexities.

Roaming benefits both parties

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Charging Point Operator (CPO)

Increase the utilisation of your charging points and your revenue. With the Virta roaming solution, your own charging network is automatically multiplied by the Virta network, so more EV drivers have access to your chargers.

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E-Mobility Service Provider (EMSP)

Give your drivers access to more charging stations without investing in developing a broad charging station network. Plus, offer the charging service under your own brand to increase brand loyalty.

Hubject & Gireve

Roaming hubs we partner with


charging points in the Virta roaming network


of new EV drivers get access to your chargers

Why roam with Virta?

Roaming complexities handled for you

You don't need your own staff to deal with the complex processes of roaming. We’ll get the strategy & planning tasks, as well as transactions and software developments, off your shoulders.


Access to thousands of charging points and millions of EV drivers

We partner with two main roaming hubs, Hubject and Gireve, connecting Virta with other leading networks.

If you’re an EMP, this two-way collaboration gives your end-users access to more than 350,000 charging points. For CPOs, millions of other networks’ EV drivers get access to your charging stations.

Your service, your brand on the forefront

Launch your charging service in no time and with your brand at the forefront. Since your EV drivers won’t have to switch to another provider when travelling out of your charging network, your brand will be visible to them at all times.


Plug & Charge

To improve the charging experience for EV drivers, e-mobility operators have developed a technology allowing the vehicle and the terminal to authenticate automatically and securely by simply plugging in the power cable.

Called Plug & Charge, this technology eliminates the need to use a mobile application or an RFID card and allows the transmission of secure information.

This new standard should be gradually deployed in the coming years on a European scale and relies on roaming platforms to play the role of verification of authentication certificates.

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