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VirtaEV driver services


User-friendly, brandable services to enhance your customers’ charging experiences 

We will provide your EV driver customers with everything they need for a smooth and user-friendly EV charging experience. 

Branded customer touchpoints

With Virta, all the customer-facing features and components of the service offered to EV drivers are available as fully branded to your brand – logos, colours, fonts and all. Follow the branded customer journey below.

Registration page

This is where EV drivers sign up for the service.


After the EV driver registers, this confirmation email about their customership is sent to them.

Welcome letter & RFID tag

EV drivers will receive this welcome letter via mail - it includes useful information and instructions about the customership, and an RFID charging tag.


Mobile app

The main touchpoint for the end-users is the Virta mobile app. Available as co-branded or fully branded to your own brand.

Charging stations

This is where the magic happens.

One-time payment page

Unregistered customers can make their payments for charging events via this one-time payment webpage.

Invoicing & receipts

The hard evidence showing that driving an EV is more economically friendly compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.

The backbones of the EV driver services

Mobile app

The main touchpoint for the end-users is the Virta charging app. Available both for Android and iOS as well as a desktop application, the Virta app is the easiest way to: 

  • Access all charging stations 
  • Start and stop charging 
  • Pay for the charging events 
  • View all charging history
  • Edit account information 
  • View and download receipts from past charging events 
  • Increase account balance manually 
  • Receive automated receipts after charging events


Customers want to do business with companies they trust. The same is true for EV charging: EV drivers want to charge up with brands they know. 

We bring your brand to the forefront of EV charging and ensure that the entire user journey has your name on it. 

The Virta mobile app can be co-branded or fully branded to your brand. Not to mention the different languages and currencies, which complete the perfect customer experience for your end-users. 

EV driver support 

During the charging process, EV drivers often end up having various questions which might require technical expertise and efficient problem-solving. We provide 24/7 phone EV driver support in five different languages (EN, FIN, SE, DE, FR). 

Ready to start growing your business with EV charging?

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