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Virta OriginPower the future with renewable electricity

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Provide 100 % renewable and sustainable EV charging services

Virta Origin is a revolution that makes it possible for all Virta customers to provide EV charging services powered with renewable and sustainably produced electricity.


Why Virta Origin?


A necessary step towards carbon-neutral mobility

Because they don’t emit any particles when operating, electric vehicles already contribute to limiting our greenhouse gas emissions. However, we’ll only become carbon-neutral by powering our EVs with renewable electricity produced sustainably.


Gain a significant advantage over the competition

CPOs and EMSPs can certify that they only provide EV charging services powered by sustainably produced renewable electricity and gain a significant advantage over the competition. Refine your USP (Unique Selling Point) with Virta Origin.


Meet your customers’ new  demands

EV drivers are increasingly looking for means to reduce their carbon footprint. In our study with Kantar, we found out that over 70% of EV drivers prefer to charge their batteries with electricity coming from sustainable and renewable sources. With Virta Origin, you give them guarantees.

Join our journey towards decarbonisation

The journey is only beginning. And Virta Origin is the cornerstone of it all.

Climate neutral Europe


Europe shares its ambitious goal to become a climate-neutral continent by 2050.

EKOenergy label


Virta obtains the EKOenergy Label.

Virta Origin


Virta Origin launches. Virta introduces 100 % certified renewable and sustainable electricity in its offering.

EVs surge


30 million electric vehicles are expected to roam across Europe.

100% electric cars


New non-electric cars are banned in the EU. 

Electric cars globally


Almost all new cars sold in most countries are electric.

climate neutral world


Europe aims at becoming climate neutral.

Lead the way towards a carbon-neutral transportation industry


Launch in no time

Leverage sustainable EV charging solutions to stay ahead of the competition and provide your customers with decarbonised EV charging.



Become a more climate-positive EV charging business. Increase revenue from existing customers, attract new customers, gain market share, and grow your brand.


Evolve sustainably

Future-proof your business with new and sustainable revenue streams. Leverage your customer data to create even more business opportunities.

Step into the future with Virta Origin

Want to learn more about Virta Origin? Let’s chat! Leave us your contact details and we’ll get back to you in no time!