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The more charging stations you possess, the more essential the management features become.

EV charging is about much more than just a socket. Your job as a Charging Point Operator is to take care of the hardware, we provide you with solutions for controlling the stations in the cloud.

Whether you are building a public charging network or a solution offered to a select customer group, there are two elements you need: Charging devices and the software for managing them.

Following the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), our smart charging service can be connected to a majority of devices. We are constantly updating as new versions are released, but we’re currently following the OCPP 1.5, 1.6, and 2.0.

Electric vehicles will increase the demand of electricity. As long as vehicles are being charged in a smart way, the growing energy use won’t be a problem. When we say smart, we mean that the charging time and power can be controlled based on energy signals.

With Virta’s solutions, you can manage your charging stations in the most future-proof way. In the meantime, you will also be supporting the rise of renewables.

Our solutions
Virta-ev-charging-platform-white Virta's platform

Comprehensive solutions for managing EV charging networks

Manage your own charging devices or provide the service for other charging point managers. With our platform packages, managing EV charging devices is uncomplicated and hassle-free.

The smart energy management features of Virta platform have the power to transform our energy system. We’re continuously working on new features to take the management of charging services to the next level. Today’s services are therefore responding to the needs of the future, too.

Read more about our platform solutions, choose your features and get started with building your business.

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Platform solutions

Why Virta?

Devices chosen by you

The choice of smart devices plays a crucial role in compiling a future-proof service. We have selected some charging stations for you, but practically every device following the OCPP standard can be connected to our service. It’s very important, therefore, to pay close attention to the hardware you choose. We’d be happy to help you choose one and discuss the integration process.

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The web application for back-end operations

Charging devices connected to Virta’s service cloud can be managed with a web browser application. The toolset is available to you at all times. You’ll have access to business insights and maintenance tools, while you’ll also be able to set the pricing schemes and other charging station details. All payment processes are automated. In short, you define the parameters and we’ll make sure that everything runs smoothly.

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Charging devices

Management system

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Virta's charging platform solutions

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Virta platform solutions

Service packages

Three service packages, three ways to hit the market. Pick the package with the features you need and get started.
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E-book: EV charging business

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