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Electromobility as a service

As the EV charging market keeps developing, the current roles are expected to shift, vanish, and unify. In a way, however, the old roles remain evergreen, as they can help us to understand the two sides of the platform business: The end-user and the charge point operator. Electromobility Service Providers (EMPs) are responsible for the end-user side. They offer charging services to the end-users, i.e. electric car drivers.

Usually, EMPs only serve customers who are registered to their service. Unregistered users that pay with a one-time payment solution, however, can also be permitted to use the service.

Our solutions allow you to provide EV drivers with premium end-user services. Using the mobile application, customers can find your stations, start charging and pay for the charged energy. Thanks to roaming networks, all EV drivers across Europe will have access to your stations.

Every single customer touchpoint can be revamped to look and feel like your brand on our EV charging platform.

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virta ev charging platform Virta's platform

A comprehensive EV charging platform for e-mobility service providers

Offer your customers a charging service shaped to suit their needs.

As an EMP, you may already possess several charging stations. On the other hand, you might be in the process of getting started with your e-mobility business. The good news is that no matter what chapter you are at, we can provide you with the necessary tools. Our platform is a flexible solution for building a charging business and it adapts to multiple service models.

Our charging platform packages either help you to kick off your new business in style or start something new by building a smart charging network.

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Why Virta?

Applications that engage your customers

Our mobile app helps EV drivers to find and reserve stations, start and stop charging, and pay without a wallet. Public charging stations are visible on the map and can be accessed by all EV drivers. Your app can be made to match the style of your brand.

Web applications enable your customers to view the station map on their browser and pay with a credit or debit card at the one-time payment webpage. Registration tools and the portal for customer account management can also be made to look and feel like your brand.

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Roaming expands your customer base

Virta’s charging solution is connected to the two major European roaming networks, Hubject and Gireve.

Roaming during EV charging works in a similar way as it does with mobile phone networks. Customers of one network receive access to another network with just one account. In practice, this means that your charging stations are available for all EV drivers. Your service utilization therefore increases and customers will receive an altogether improved experience.

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End-user services

Roaming networks

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