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Electric vehicle charging should be seen as an integral part of purchasing a vehicle.

As a car dealer, you have a real chance to make a difference. Your knowledge and expertise may be many people’s introduction to electric mobility. Electric vehicles already suit the needs of most consumers – they just need to realize it.

Most consumers are still quite unfamiliar with electric cars. Potential EV buyers might have never driven one before, so they should begin learning about them during the sales process. The first step of the learning process should be showing customers how to charge at the store and giving them an understanding of what charging is all about.

The next thing for EV drivers to do is purchase a charger. Home charging stations are invaluable in ensuring that everyday life with an electric car runs smoothly. Showcasing and offering EV charging solutions for your customers will increase the value of your service and expertise. Offer your customers an end-to-end service and become an expert in electric vehicle charging.

Auto dealers play a vital role in increasing the sales of electric cars and educating future EV drivers.

Our solutions
virta charging service Virta Public & Private

EV charging solutions for auto dealers & auto makers

Virta offers you everything you need, including showcase car charging, maintenance charging, and EV charging station retail. Get the full package for smooth electric car charging from Virta.

Virta Public and Private charging solutions include everything that a car dealership needs for electric vehicle charging stations. The service package combines a smart charging device with one or two sockets, as well as the management system for controlling the charging stations. The service is preinstalled and pricing, access, and maximum charging power can be defined by the owner of the charging device.

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Why Virta?

The comprehensive EV charging experience for your customers

For an EV newcomer, charging is just one new thing to get used to. As car charging is part of everyday life, it should be made as easy as possible. Virta’s charging services are effortless for the user: Everything from billing to controlling charging power is automated, while all devices are connected to the cloud. Charging stations can be set as public or private, meaning that you can decide are they accessible for all EV drivers or for a limited group.

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Safe, easy and futureproof charging

Improve the experience of your customers by providing them with the best possible service. Show them that you’re an expert in charging technologies and familiar with all of the requirements and recommendations. Keep in mind that household sockets are not recommended for long-term EV charging. Home charging stations should be connected to smart management systems in order to build a sustainable charging network that also supports the energy system.

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Charging devices

Virta charging stations can be used inside or outside. They are easily mounted to a wall or attached to the ground. Check out our selection of charging devices here.
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Check out our price list for Virta Public and Virta Private here.
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Check out one of our car dealer customers: Sports Car Center in Helsinki.
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