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Virta forAutomotive

Expand your business with smart electric vehicle charging solutions

As more and more countries ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the coming decades, car manufacturers and other automotive industry players have the chance to step-up and provide smart electric vehicle charging solutions to meet a growing demand that will expand their business to new heights.

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Future-proof your automotive business with intelligent EV charging

Activate new revenue streams through EV charging

The automotive and energy industries are converging and there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create new revenue streams out of EV charging and dominate the market.

As forerunners in the industry, we can help you expand your offerings at an accelerated pace. We’re not just talking about charging stations at car dealerships, but we think about the bigger picture — future-proofing your business by providing EV charging services wherever EV drivers are: home, work, or on the go.

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Everything you need to run an EV charging business

Virta helps you build and run a successful EV charging business by taking care of every step of the way. 

This includes taking on all of the associated risks from processing payments to legislative compliance, our comprehensive solution covers every piece. We’ll even bring you customers. 

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Your brand, your rules

Brand is king and people tend to do business with companies they trust. The same is true for EV charging: people will want to charge up with brands they trust.

Our managed charging stations can be fully rebranded to match your brand. Our flexible and scalable solution will supercharge your brand and ensure you will get the maximum benefits from EV charging.

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Increase the adoption of EVs by educating your customers about EV charging

Most drivers don’t realize that electric cars already meet their needs and habits. One of the main reasons for this is not knowing the first thing about EVs: charging.

Introduce them to a new world of possibilities and be the experts in smart EV charging.

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Smart EV charging solutions for automotive

Accelerate the launch of your EV charging business without the risks, complexities, and hidden costs. Introducing Virta Charging Business as a Service.

Our charging solutions for automotive cover everything you need to provide a unique experience to your current and prospective customers.

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Why Virta?


Fastest time to value with the lowest risks

Building smart EV charging solutions requires time, expertise, and a ton of resources. We have all that. With Virta as a partner, you could be up and running and offer EV charging solutions in a matter of days. Focus on what you do best and offer a premium experience to your customers. Leave the rest to us.


The network that will connect you with the demand

Partnering with Virta means joining Europe’s fastest-growing EV charging service provider, and benefiting from instant access to over 500k EV driver customers that will only settle for the best.


Expand your business with the forerunners in EV charging

Charging is a cornerstone of your prospective EV customers’ driving experience. With Virta as your partner, you can expand your offerings and associate your brand with a high-quality, frictionless, and leading service.

Be part of the solution, enter the EV charging world

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