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Future-proof your property and attract new tenants with EV charging

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is growing faster than predicted. And the demand for public EV charging goes hand in hand with this growth.

We at Virta simplify the implementation of a comprehensive EV charging service for commercial real estate owners. 

Thanks to our reliable, scalable and cost-efficient EV charging platform, you can offer a quality EV charging service, attract new tenants and establish an environment-friendly brand for your business.

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Simplify your EV charging

Get the right charger for your needs

Standard charging or ultra-fast charging (HPC)? Choose the right hardware according to your site's location and the charging habits of visitors. Whatever the case, we have the charger you need.


Discover Virta's integrated charging stations

Enter the EV charging market in weeks

The time to enter the EV charging market and acquire a market share in this booming sector has never been better.

Your commercial real estate sites offer you a unique opportunity. You already have the perfect location to install EV charging stations.

At Virta, we manage the entire value chain so you can quickly and easily launch your EV charging service. You only set the charging prices and we take care of the rest.

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An EV charging experience with your brand on it

You have a loyal customer base that trusts you. So, when it comes to charging their EVs, your customers expect an experience and level of service they’re already familiar with.

That’s why we offer a fully brandable charging solution. You can put your brand to the forefront, from the hardware to the mobile app.

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Hardware, software
& all in between

As a full-service provider, Virta takes care of every step of the process until your EV charging infrastructure is up and running - and beyond.

We will get the suitable chargers for you, do an analysis of your location, install the hardware and equip it with our back-end solution, the Virta Hub.

While in operation, we’ll keep track of maintenance and firmware updates for your workplace EV chargers.

But we provide you with more than hardware and maintenance services. We help you set up a cost-effective EV charging business while taking care of all associated risks - from payment processing to meeting regulatory requirements.

That way, you can always fully focus on your core business.

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Suitable hardware
for all your needs

Virta Single - Alfen
Virta Double - Alfen
Alpitronic HYC50
Delta Slim
Delta UFC 200
Kempower C Station
Kempower C&S Station
Alpitronic Hypercharger 200
Alpitronic HYC400

Smart AC & DC chargers from trusted manufacturers

Explore our portfolio of pre-configured smart EV chargers for your specific charging needs - from standard to ultra fast charging.

Ordering your EV chargers with Virta means no complicated ordering procedures, immediate availability and guaranteed short delivery times.

Explore our chargers!

Why choose Virta?


Get your EV charging business up and running quickly

Virta's expertise allows you to launch your EV charging service trouble-free and in a matter of weeks. The faster your charging business starts generating revenue, the faster you reach profitability.


Get an instant access to over 500k EV drivers

Each registered EV driver on the Virta platform is a potential customer for you and each new installed EV charger improves the accessibility of EV charging for drivers everywhere.


Cloud-based service, 24/7

Our back-end solution, the Virta Hub, allows you to track billing, user access and energy consumption in real time, so you can remotely manage and optimise your EV charging business with just a few clicks.

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