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Future-proof your real estate business with EV charging and smart energy management

The world is moving full force towards electrification. With about 30% of all vehicles expected to be electric in 2030, the real estate sector has an unprecedented chance to help build a fossil-free future by capitalising on the EV charging business.

Smart EV charging will inevitably be crucial in creating more value for real estate properties. With smart charging, the real estate sector can meet tenant requirements, help to optimise properties' local electricity usage, balance the power grid, and create new revenue streams.

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Step into smart EV charging and energy management with Virta

Keep up with tenant and EV driver demands

The demand for EV charging services by EV driver residents and visitors is increasing rapidly.

Globally, 69% of EV drivers consider home EV charging availability a key factor when renting or buying a property. The availability of EV charging services at workplaces is a key choice factor for nearly 60% of EV drivers.

Smart EV charging attracts additional traffic and ultimately supports demand, rental income, and value for real estate properties.

People tend to do business with companies they trust. The same goes for EV charging: people will want to charge up with brands they trust. Our charging stations can be fully rebranded to match your brand and our flexible, cost-effective, and scalable solution ensures you will get the maximum benefits from EV charging. 

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Fulfill legislative & sustainability requirements

As countries are stepping up the fight against climate change, real estate investors will need to adhere to legislative requirements in order to protect their properties from carbon-neutral taxation. In Europe, the European Commission is going to propose many new legislative proposals that will have a direct impact on the real estate sector. The existing Energy Performance of the Buildings Directive requires that all new buildings (and buildings being renovated) to be pre-wired for EV charging points. 

Our smart EV charging solution helps you fulfill sustainability program requirements and ensure that your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are met. You can avoid manual KPI reporting and get all your EV charging data into one single dashboard. This will help you see the big picture and utilize big data efficiently. 

Virta smart EV charging helps real estate businesses meet legislative requirements now and in the future in a fast, easy, and cost-effective way. 

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Help to balance the grid and earn extra revenue

Electric charging often requires electrical upgrades in a building, which means hefty investments and an increase in fixed and monthly energy costs. Smart charging solutions can alleviate many of these costs while helping you future-proof your properties. 

Smart charging allows you to monitor, manage, and restrict the use of charging devices remotely to optimize energy consumption. Smart charging enables EV batteries to store renewable energy when production is high and discharge energy to relieve pressure on the market when demand peaks. This helps to build a more energy-efficient and sustainable environment. 

Virta smart EV charging empowers the real estate industry to become a part of the solution to balance the grid. With Virta, you can future-proof your properties with solutions that enable the adaption of new technologies and create a new revenue stream from energy balancing.

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Control OPEX and protect NOI

There are many ways real estate businesses can become more sustainable, but EV charging is one of the only options that is also a potential revenue generator. 

By providing EV charging, buildings become more attractive and valuable.  This presents an opportunity to increase rent or create a business out of electric car charging.

By offering smart charging, you are able to reduce operating expenses (OPEX) and protect your net operating income (NOI). You will increase your rental value in a sustainable way and drive more visitors to your commercial property by providing this essential service that your customers need. With our smart EV charging solution for real estate, you can attract visitors to your property by being visible on the smart charging EV network (via EV charging apps). 

Future-proof your real estate portfolio to carbon-neutral taxation and property ratings while contributing to smart grid and green energy production. Together with Virta, it is fast, easy, and worry-free.

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Virta Charging Business as a Service

Fast-track the launch of your EV charging business without the complexities, risks, and hidden costs. Introducing Virta Charging Business as a Service.

With our solution, you’ll be able to seamlessly include smart EV charging into your property management plans immediately. We handle all the complexities of running a charging business — all you need to do is define your charging price.

You can offer EV charging under your brand, while Virta takes care of all the heavy lifting — from the charging infrastructure installations and maintenance, payments and invoices handling, to end-user support, and security checks. Our charging solution for real estate covers everything you need to provide a unique experience to your current and prospective customers.

With our expertise and your trusted brand, your EV charging business will grow sustainably.


Learn more about Virta Charging Business as a Service
Branded service.

Why Virta?


Fastest time to value with the lowest risks

Traditionally, building an EV charging solution requires a lot of time and resources. With Virta as your partner, you can include smart EV charging into your property management plans immediately and could be up and running in a matter of days, instead of months.


Grow your business while saving on costs

We offer scalable and fully customizable end-to-end solutions, thus eliminating surprises and hidden costs. In a traditional business, you’d need to rely on many contractors to offer a comprehensive solution and network.

With Virta, you’re only bound to one contract — which minimizes the cost for you. Our charging solution scales seamlessly with you and allows you to predict your future investments and income. As the number of charging sessions increase, your expenses won’t.


The network that will connect you with the demand

Join Europe’s fastest-growing EV charging service provider and get instant access to over 500k EV driver customers. Every new registered driver on Virta’s platform is a potential customer for your stations, and every new charging station that gets added provides more value to your customers.

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