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Capitalise on EV charging and transform our energy system while you’re at it

Electric vehicles can’t reach their full potential without the help of the energy sector — and vice versa. Adding EV charging to your portfolio is a guaranteed win that supports renewable energy.

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Expand your offerings & help balance the grid with smart EV charging

Dominate the EV charging market

The energy and automotive industries are converging which means there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to activate new revenue streams from EV charging and dominate the market.

As experts and leaders in the industry, we can help you expand your offerings at an accelerated pace. At Virta, we think about the big picture — providing EV charging services everywhere EV drivers are: at home, work, and on the go.

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Help balance the grid with V2G

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) is a technology that enables energy from a car battery to be pushed back to the power grid. V2G helps balance out electricity demand so that no extra energy needs to be consumed from the grid.

With our V2G solution, cars become part of the energy system and work in conjunction with stationary energy storages and renewable energy production.

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Save on costly infrastructure upgrades with our Load Management features

With our Dynamic Load Management (DLM) feature you can define the power delivered to all of your chargers and optimise your existing infrastructure. DLM helps you future-proof your existing electrical system while reducing consumption peaks.

Adaptive Load Management (ALM) takes DLM a step further and optimises charging based on a property’s entire energy consumption. ALM monitors EV charging sessions along with major electrical system loads, like air conditioning and lighting and ensures power is distributed optimally and never over the capacity.

With both DLM and ALM, you’ll be able to safely add more chargers while using your existing electrical infrastructure and more importantly you’ll save on expensive electrical upgrades and peak demand charges.

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Alleviate grid congestion from a single site to a wide area with Congestion Management

Grid congestion happens when a power grid overload prevents electricity from reaching its destination. Bottlenecks can be caused by renewables, as well as increasing power consumption in an area. Smartly controlled EVs can offer a solution to grid congestion and prevent the need for costly investments in grid infrastructure upgrades.

The Virta Congestion Management feature takes grid capacity and energy production into account and optimizes EV charging based on this. You can set charging power to the desired level for different time frames in defined areas. This means EVs are charged at the optimal times and levels, while the number of charging stations can be increased safely, and without worry.

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Hardware, software & all in between

Virta's end-to-end charging solution:

As a full-service provider, Virta takes care of every step of the process until your EV charging infrastructure is up and running.

We will get the right chargers for you, do an analysis of your location, install the hardware and equip it with our back-end solution, the Virta Hub.

While in service, we’ll keep track of maintenance and firmware updates for your EV chargers. That way, you can always fully focus on your core business - providing excellent retail experiences for your customers.

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Suitable hardware
for all your needs

Virta Single - Alfen
Virta Double - Alfen
Alpitronic HYC50
Delta Slim
Delta UFC 200
Kempower C Station
Kempower C&S Station
Alpitronic Hypercharger 200
Alpitronic HYC400

Smart AC & DC chargers from trusted manufacturers

Explore our portfolio of pre-configured smart EV chargers for your specific charging needs - from standard to ultra fast charging.

Ordering your EV chargers with Virta means no complicated ordering procedures, immediate availability and guaranteed short delivery times.

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Why Virta?

Fastest time to value with the lowest risks

The EV charging industry is constantly evolving and growing, and building your own solution requires a ton of expertise and resources. With Virta, you’ll take the fast-track to start an EV charging business and launch in a matter of days instead of months. You’ll immediately start to unlock new revenue streams and grab a hold of coveted market share before all your competitors.

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Sustainable energy is part of our DNA

Our mission is to do our part to solve climate change through electrification, energy efficiency, and decarbonisation. Electric vehicle batteries are the most cost-efficient form of energy storage since they don’t require additional investments on hardware. EV charging is the ideal way to harness energy for the benefit of our planet.

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We paved the way for Vehicle-to-Grid

V2G is a relatively new innovation, but we’ve been developing it for several years now. We’ve partnered up with companies like E.ON and Nissan to continue to evolve our V2G offering. Our first public V2G charging station was installed in Finland already in 2017.

Learn more about our V2G project with E.ON and Nissan

The network that will connect you with the demand

Virta is Europe’s fastest-growing EV charging solution provider. When you join our growing network, thousands of our EV drivers become your potential customers too. And every new charging station that gets added to the Virta Platform means more value for your customers.


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