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As the sales of EVs are constantly growing, your customers are becoming EV drivers looking for effortless EV charging experiences.

For 59% of EV drivers globally, the availability of charging points in a hotel is either a must-have feature or a key choice factor when deciding where to stay.

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Discover the benefits of smart EV charging with Virta

Meet increasing customer demand

Electric vehicle charging is a necessity for EV drivers. And with growing EV sales, the chance is that more and more of your customers are driving an electric vehicle. EV drivers choose where to eat, buy and sleep where they can charge their cars. Equip your hotels and destinations with electric vehicle charging, so EV drivers come to you. 

In addition to that, by joining the wide Virta charging network, you will attract entirely new customers to your destinations as well. 

Power up your destinations with the Virta Charging Business as a Service solution

Meet your sustainability requirements

The hotel industry is helping to fight climate change by setting up comprehensive environmental programs and putting various sustainable practices in place. Smart EV charging can play an essential role in fulfilling your sustainability program requirements and ensuring that your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are met. 

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Integrate EV charging into your brand journey

Your customer’s visit often starts and ends in the parking lot. Make these moments enjoyable by providing them with smooth EV charging experiences with your brand at the forefront. 

Customers like to do business with brands they trust. And the same goes for EV charging. With the Virta charging solution, every customer touchpoint can be fully branded to fit your brand – the one your customers already know and trust. 

Supercharge your brand with our scalable solution and give your customers a smooth, comfortable journey from start to finish. 

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Smart EV charging solutions for hotels & destinations

Our goal is to let you focus on your core business – providing excellent hospitality experiences for your customers. Meanwhile, we help you build a successful EV charging business. 

With our Charging Business as a Service, we take care of the full value chain for you. We got you covered, from EV charger installations and maintenance to payments processing and invoicing. You can focus on your core business while we bring you customers. 



Learn more about Virta Charging Business as a Service
Branded service.

Why Virta?


Fastest time to value with the lowest risks

Building smart EV charging solutions requires time, expertise, and a ton of resources. We have all that. With Virta as a partner, you could be up and running and offer EV charging solutions in a matter of days instead of months.


Grow your business while saving on costs

With Virta’s turnkey solution, you can eliminate all hidden costs running an EV charging business might surprise you with. We provide you with a comprehensive solution that minimises the costs for you. And as your EV charging business grows, your expenses won’t.


The network that will connect you with the demand

Virta is Europe’s fastest-growing EV charging service provider which gives you instant access to over 500k EV driver customers. Every new registered driver on our platform is a potential customer for you and every new charging station that gets added, provides more value to your customers.

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