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Virta for thePublic sector



The public sector has an essential role in creating more sustainable communities. Through the deployment of public charging infrastructures, the public sector helps the transition to electric vehicles and prepares for the future, where electric mobility is the norm.

Virta helps federal and local authorities, municipalities, and other public sector organisations set up and operate reliable EV charging infrastructures that are accessible to their own fleets of electric vehicles and to the general population in cities and rural areas.

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The requirements for the public sector


Low-emission zones

The introduction of low-emission zones (LEZ) in urban areas calls for the installation of widespread and reliable public charging infrastructure so that the switch to emission-free vehicles is made as easy as possible and inner city traffic is not restricted.


Meeting technical requirements

The public sector must ensure that the charging technology meets all the technical requirements and that only authorised installers carry out its installation


Leading by example

The EU’s Clean Vehicles Directive already requires public authorities to opt for zero-emissions vehicles when buying and leasing road vehicles. The public sector has an exemplary role in accelerating the switch to low-emission vehicle fleets. 

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