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Virta forRetail Chains

Unlock new revenue streams with electric vehicle charging

The amount of electric cars on the road is rising fast, and so is the demand for charging points. More than 50% of EV drivers globally consider EV charging availability a must-have or a key factor when deciding where to shop. Giving EV drivers a place to charge their cars will attract new customers and open up new revenue streams.

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Supercharge your retail business with smart EV charging

Your shop, your rules

Charging is a necessity for EV drivers. And people tend to do business with companies they trust. The same goes for EV charging: people will want to charge up at places they know.

Our charging stations can be fully rebranded to match your brand. With your retail brand and our ready-to-go smart charging solution, it’s a guaranteed home run.

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Give visitors a reason to stay longer and shop more

Depending on the speed of a charging point and the size of a car battery, an EV can be charged in as little as 20-30 minutes or more than 12 hours.

By providing EV charging services, you’ll activate new revenue streams, attract EV driver customers, and keep your visitors on-site longer while they charge up. The longer they stay, the more they can enjoy all that you have to offer.

Power your retail locations with Virta

Capture the opportunity before it’s gone

Now is your chance to own market share in this increasingly competitive market. Large retail chains are in a unique position because they already have an existing customer base, which makes EV charging services a natural value-added service. 

With Virta, you can quickly and easily launch an EV charging business because we take care of the full value chain. All you have to do is set your price, and we take care of the rest.

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Virta Charging Business as a Service

We do more than just provide you with charging stations and support services. We help you build a successful business out of EV charging and take on all of the associated risks.

From processing payments to legislative compliance, Virta takes care of every piece of the puzzle.

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Branded service.

Why Virta?


Fastest time to value with the lowest risks

Building an EV charging business requires an immense amount of time and resources. Avoid the risks of losing revenue and market share to other retail chains. With Virta as a partner, you could be up and running in a matter of days instead of months.


The network that will connect you with the demand

Virta is Europe’s fastest-growing EV charging service provider which gives you instant access to over 500k EV driver customers. Every new registered driver on our platform is a potential customer for you and every new charging station that gets added, provides more value to your customers.


Grow your business while saving on costs

We offer ready-to-go, all-inclusive solutions which eliminate surprises and hidden costs. In a traditional business, you’d need to rely on several contractors to provide a comprehensive solution and network. With Virta, you only have one contract — which minimises the cost for you. And as the number of charging sessions increase, your expenses won’t.

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