Manage your charging business effortlessly

Our cloud-based solution, the Virta Hub, is always up and running enabling you to remotely monitor, manage and optimise your EV charging business. 

Charging station management

The Virta Hub makes managing hundreds or even thousands of charging stations a breeze.

We provide you with remote tools to: 

  • Set your charging prices 
  • Manage access to your charging stations – make it private or keep it public 
  • Set a maximum charging power 
  • View and download statistics 
  • Start and stop charging remotely 

Private x public charging

Depending on your needs, we offer two types of stations. 

Virtapublic stationsare open to all electric car drivers. Public stations are added to our Virta charging station maps, used by thousands of EV drivers to easily locate chargers. 

Virtaprivate stationsare suitable for locations where restricted access to the station is needed, such as residential or office buildings. A private station is only visible on station maps for customers who have access to the station. 

Business insights

Our business insights feature provides a comprehensive overview of your charging business and helps you follow the key metrics that matter to you. This valuable tool allows you to effortlessly try out various business models and make agile decisions based on consumer behaviour in your location. 

As an example, you might want to follow utilisation rates to understand if there is a demand for extra charging capacity. 

Energy management features

Our cutting-edge energy management features include Vehicle-to-Grid, Dynamic Load Management, Adaptive Load Management, Congestion Management and more. These features support the use of renewable energy, help balance the grid, and protect you from costly infrastructure upgrades and peak charges. 

EV driver data

With the Virta Charging Solution, you’ll gain access to your end-user data. Seeing who your customers are and what their charging behaviour looks like can be an essential part of your analytics and marketing efforts. Accessing EV driver data is available on Scale and Evolve service plans.

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