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The electric vehicle revolution is happening now.

Kick-start your electric vehicle charging business with Virta smart charging platform

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Virta white-label interface. You'll save: €10.000

Get white-label interface free of charge when you buy Virta EV charging platform before June 30th!


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Virta provides you with all the necessary tools for running your own electric vehicle charging network. Our platform solution includes everything that’s needed to build a charging business, from charging infrastructure management to end-customer services and smart energy management solutions.

With Virta's platform you operate the charging infrastructure and connect with your EV driving customers and employees. Our back-end solutions offer you flexible tools for managing legions of charging devices and for the EV drivers a comprehensive solution for finding and accessing charging stations. All solutions are white-label and can be customized to meet your customers’ needs.

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Be a forerunner.

Love at first charge
campaign offer


Virta white-label interface. You'll save: €10.000

Get white-label interface free of charge when you buy Virta EV charging platform before June 30th!


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EV charging platform solutions

Why Virta?

Charging network management

Our service ensures that managing charging stations is simple. 

  • Check the status and statistics of your stations
  • Manage charging pricing
  • Automatic billing
  • Configure and update stations remotely
  • Control access rights
  • Group stations together
  • Create custom reports and view and export data

With Virta's smart, cloud-based tools, you can manage hundreds or thousands of stations with ease.

Download E-Book: Virta Backend Overview

Build your brand

Building a forerunner brand and supporting the change towards a more sustainable future of mobility and energy will have a positive impact on your company's image. Your existing brand can be used in all end-user products and services.

With Virta you can start providing EV charging services with your own brand in a matter of weeks. Virta's white-label solution has a short time to market.

Download E-Book: Virta Backend Overview

Platform management

White-label solution

Love at first charge campaign offer

Limited time offer:
Virta white-label interface - free of charge

 Virta is a leading charging platform provider and the proven forerunner in white-label services for EV charging solutions. Let's put it to the test: Get your Virta starter set including white-label interface for free! Limited time offer until 30th June 2019.

The following functions are included in the offer*:

1. Customer Portal
A dedicated space where customers can login and manage their accounts.

2. Customer registration portal
Welcome your new customers with a fully branded experience - they register on a landing page and receive automated welcome email - both tailored to your brand.

3. One-time payment
Unregistered customers can also charge at your charging stations with your services. Show your brand colours to drivers charging as they go.

4. One pre-configured SIM Card
You can use it for connecting your first charging station to our platform or you can even buy a charging station from us.

5. 2,5 hours of online backend training
You will learn how to use the platform efficiently and how to run your operations.


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Only applicable for new customers without a signed contract, offer concerns setup fees not running fees, offer is only valid for contracts signed by 30th of June 2019, only one offer per company, branded mobile apps are not included, there is no right of appeal
This is happening

The emergence of electric vehicles is opening new doors for businesses.

Thus far, the EV charging market has only taken baby steps — now is your chance to stand out before the real competition begins. Get started in supporting the rise of sustainable mobility.

The global forecasts show that the demand for EV charging is dramatically increasing. By as early as 2020, 13 million electric vehicles are expected to be on the roads globally. By 2030, the number of EVs is estimated to reach 130 million.

Giving your customers or employees the option to charge their electric cars at your business location will lead to an increase in on-site sales and build your brand. Typically, EV drivers don’t just stop to charge their car, but are also likely to eat, shop, work and take care of other everyday necessities.

Building an electric car charging network is not as tricky as you might imagine, especially when you can buy all the necessary tools and features ready-made. Becoming an EV market forerunner would mean you’re participating in building a lucrative service for future EV drivers. With smart, cloud-based tools, you can manage hundreds or thousands of stations with ease.


5.4 million
electric cars


13 million
electric cars


130 million
electric cars
Our solution
laddningsplattform Virta EV charging platform

Choose a comprehensive, modular and future-proof solution for your EV charging

The charging solutions built today have to be ready to support digitalization and electrification. In order to support your internal and external customers now and in the future, you’ll need intelligent and future-proof solutions for EV charging. Our charging platform enables you to build a charging network of any size.

Get to know our platform solution: Download our Backend Overview guide 


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Upcoming trade fairs

Virta will be present at following trade fairs. Come meet us and let's discuss all things EV charging!


München, Germany

May 15-17, 2019

You'll find Virta from booth: C3.218

Book a meeting at Power 2 Drive Europe with Virta!

- The 32nd International Electric Vehicle Symposium

Lyon, France

May 19-22, 2019

You'll find Virta from booth: B12


Book a meeting at EVS32 with Virta!

- Intercharge Network Conference

Berlin, Germany

June 13-14, 2019

You'll find us from the Virta booth