easyGroup company easyCharging chooses Virta to build Europe-wide EV charging services

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December 15, 2023 at 2:36 PM

European electric vehicle (EV) charging pioneers Virta and easyCharging (part of the easyGroup family of brands), have joined forces to build an e-mobility solution and EV charging infrastructure across the UK and key European markets. 

Through this partnership, Virta and easyCharging will deliver an EV charging app for easyGroup customers. They will also expand the EV charging infrastructure, aligning with easyGroup's commitment to providing consumers with greater value at a lower cost.

“One of the key reasons we chose Virta was their unparalleled speed in bringing a charging service to market. We launched the service in just two months instead of the years it would have taken us to build a charging service on our own,” says Richard Kacerek from easyCharging.

easyGroup is one of Europe’s most recognised brands, delivering value through innovative travel solutions.

“Now, we want to be part of accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility by making EV driving easy en-route, at destination, and away from home both on business and leisure trips,” Richard continues. 

The easyCharging “Powered by Virta” application (easycharging.app) empowers easyGroup customers to effortlessly locate and charge at over 460,000 Powered by Virta network partners’ and roaming partners’ charging points across the UK and Europe. easyCharging is set to redefine the EV driving experience, covering everything from finding the charger and managing the charging event to payments, receipts, and a 24/7 call centre serving the driver in their native language. 

“We are proud of this partnership with easyCharging, which will lay the foundation for building another successful chapter in the easyGroup story. With our European-wide charging service and experience in the most advanced global EV markets, we are excited to work with easyGroup in making EV charging accessible for everyone.

In this collaboration, we chose to solve the problems today’s EV drivers are facing rather than the problems a charging point owner (CPO) might face. We wanted to resolve the daily questions and concerns about knowledge of pricing, lack of information, billing availability etc. Through this consumer-focused and consumer-led approach, we can cater to the needs of the more mobile and versatile drivers, delivering genuine value for money,” says Suki Sangha, Sales Lead, UK & Ireland at Virta.


About easyCharging (part of the easy family of brands)

easyCharging is the all-in-one app that lets you find, charge, and seamlessly handle payments. Compatible with any EV make and model, easyCharging offers rapid and cost-effective EV charging, paving the way for a sustainable future. The easyCharging network has thousands of rapid charging stations across the UK and other European countries, catering to both short and long journeys. 


About Virta

Virta is one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies and the fastest-growing EV charging company in the Financial Times TOP1000 ranking. Virta operates in more than 35 countries globally, enabling EV charging services of over 1,000 charging providers that operate over 75,000 charging points on the Virta smart charging platform. Including roaming, the Virta platform gives EV drivers access to over 460,000 charging points globally.