How Eaton and Virta are improving energy storage systems

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January 5, 2021 at 7:05 AM

Local energy storage units can now participate in energy flexibility markets as active players all around the world in an easy way.

This means that for example supermarkets can get added value for their assets and shorter payback times. In addition, they help to make the energy system greener.

This new system is possible thanks to the unique collaboration between world’s leading power management technology provider Eaton and Virta - a global leader of electric vehicle (EV) charging platform technologies.

Renewables are causing volatility to the energy system.
They need flexibility and demand response elements to keep the system stable, reliable and reasonably priced. Local energy storage systems have thus a vital role to play in the energy ecosystem. Virta platform enables the integration of these distributed energy resources into the electricity market internationally.

“Virta is the first electric vehicle charging platform in the world that has the capabilities to do this. Together with Eaton we are enabling our customers to make a positive change – for profitability and for the planet”, says Sales Director Ville Väre from Virta.

“Eaton xStorage Compact units can be seen as a heart of building’s flexible electrical system which enables respectable use of electric vehicles with renewables and provides back up power locally. Now together with Virta, xStorage can produce new income to building owners from ancillary markets and still give response to local needs”, says Technical Sales Manager Marko Räty from Eaton.

This is how the system works in practice:

Eaton provides a powerful energy storage system for example to an electricity provider, commercial building or a logistics company. This storage unit can be used to optimize local solar power, execute peak shaving or to avoid power outages.

Through the Virta platform Eaton’s energy storage can be offered also to grid operators’ balancing markets. Virta manages the virtual power plant of distributed assets based on the available capacity, taking into account the local needs in real time. The virtual power plant aggregates and controls distributed assets. Available capacity is bid and provided to grid operators marketplace to balance the grid. Based on the system needs, Virta controls local energy storage systems. The owner of the energy storage earns revenue from its participation in the energy market.

“In addition to local energy storage systems, Virta platform integrates also EVs to the energy system in a similar way”, adds Väre.

“This is a win – win situation for building owner and national electrical grid where xStorage maximize and stabilize the local building’s energy use and EV’s peak demand while providing ecofriendly stabilization power to national level electrical grid”, adds Räty.


Virta Virta is a global leader of electric vehicle (EV) charging platform technologies. Our vision is to enable the transition towards sustainability. We bring electric mobility to people’s daily life and make EVs a crucial part of tomorrow’s energy system. Virta was founded in 2013, and today we are the fastest-growing platform in Europe. Virta future-proofs over 300 customers and more than 50 brands around the world in 28 countries. Our award-winning multisided-platform connects all the key players in the EV ecosystem in a fast, easy, cost-efficient, and scalable way.

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