Virta Home: the world's smartest EV home charging service

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November 30, 2016 at 1:24 PM

The EV charging service that charges at lowest cost, enables the sharing of your charging point and sums up charging costs of your car allowance

The VIRTA Home charging service revolutionises the charging of electric cars with three features: It schedules the charging event to the hours of lowest electricity prices, allows sharing home charging points with other users, and creates the reports for company car costs automatically.

Technology company Virta Ltd. introduces an advanced home charging service for electric vehicles to the market.

VIRTA Home automatically chooses the most economical charging hours based on the market price for electricity. It also enables the charge point owner to share his home charger for family, friends or all EV drivers. The charge point owner is also able to set a price for charging. Additionally, to make life easier for company car users, the service summarizes both public and home charging costs automatically to same report.

Cutting the cost of home charging

The intelligent VIRTA Home service sets the charging time to the hours of cheapest electricity, which saves both money and environment. Naturally, the user can also override the settings, should he wish to charge immediately.

The service uses Nordpool SPOT day-ahead market hourly based prices and calculates the needed charging time case by case. The charging is optimized in real time for each charging event, everything happens in the background automatically, says VIRTA CBO Elias Pöyry.

The EV owner benefits financially if his electricity bill is based on hourly SPOT pricing. Currently the service is only available in Nordpool SPOT market area, e.g. in Nordic Countries. Even in market areas with no direct consumer spot pricing, there are great gains to be achieved for the energy system and the environment. The need for balancing the electricity grid will be an essential asset for all charging operators as the number of EVs increases in the near future.

Smart charging as part of the sharing economy

VIRTA Home charging service allows the user to share his personal charge point with family, friends or all EV drivers. The VIRTA Smart home charging service has an integrated real time electronic billing mechanism and the system does automated clearing and settlement with delivering the charging income to the charge point owner on monthly basis.

With a proven track record in managing public charging networks in six countries, we have been able to bring some of the best practices from public charging to home charging. The sharing feature is like the AirBnB of EV charging, Pöyry clarifies.

The sharing feature benefits all parties involved. Once all EV drivers get to enjoy a denser network, the charging point owner can earn extra income while helping others.

It is also possible to share the charging point only with limited user groups. The owner has complete freedom to choose to whom the charging point is open to and price it accordingly.

Clarity for company car allowance costs

The service makes company car users life easier by creating automated reports for company car allowance beneficiaries, combining both home charging and public charging into a single report that can be sent directly to the company HR for reimbursing the cost. The charging costs are based on actual real time billing automation for charging by measuring the actual electricity consumption of each charging event. An automated report is created and sent on a monthly basis.

More and more company cars are electric. People with electric company cars need a charging facility also at home, but until now allocating the costs has been difficult. Our service solves that problem, Pöyry says.

The Virta service includes both a subscription as well as charging equipment with fixed monthly pricing and 36 month contract. Prices start at 49€/month.

More information about new VIRTA services:
CBO Elias Pöyry,, tel. +358 500 426 125

More information about VIRTA as a company:
CEO Jussi Palola,, tel. +358 50 434 0132


Virta Ltd. (Liikennevirta Oy) develops the most economical electric car charging services on the market. Virta’s services bring together electric car owners, charging point owners and energy companies, delivering value to all involved. Virta offers the customisable and modular turnkey solution for large charging networks, a comprehensive service package for companies and real estate properties, and for consumers, the world’s smartest home-charging service.