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Virta services launched for Finnish Market

Virtapiste charging network for electric cars has now launched it's services for electric car owners in Finland. The Nationwide charging network continues to expand with both quick and semifast chargers.

At the core of Virtapiste service are state-of-the-art mobile applications with realtime visibility to charging network, possibility to start and stop charging or to reserve station in advance. Ease-of-use has been at the center of service design. Applications have route guidance helping to find way to charging station. Registered customer can choose to activate charging either via mobile application, RFID card of tag or by SMS message.

“By providing 24/7 customer service we further ensure using Virtapiste network is simple, fast and secure” says Jaakko Liesmäki, Head of Services at Virta Ltd.


Virta Ltd. was formed by 18 Finnish utility companies to begin operating charging network.

“When it comes to charging network, cooperation is not only an asset but also a sensible choise”, says Jussi Palola, CEO of Virta Ltd.

For electric car owners, Virta. charging network provides high and consistent level of service with secure payment model regardless who owns the actual charging station. For charging point owners (CPO’s) Virta provides automated services for billing and payment clearing. Pricing models enable charging fees based on energy comsumption, charging time or combination of these two elements.

“We offer full service package to CPO’s from retail channel to charging point control system, payment handling, CRM and end user applications. All services can be branded and built to cater specific requirements and market conditions”, says Jaakko Liesmäki.

Virta Ltd. aims at higher usage rates of charging stations thus significantly lowering operational costs and investments risks for CPO’s.

“Our services are designed to be modular with open interfaces. For charging point investor this means there is no vendor lock-in. Any type of charging station with communication can be integrated”, says Jussi Palola.

For more information, please visit virta.global/fi or contact: 

CEO, Mr. Jussi Palola
jussi.palola@virta.fi, +358 50 4340132

Head of Services, Mr. Jaakko Liesmäki
jaakko.liesmaki@virta.fi, +358405598336