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The Finnish EV network got excellent grades from Renault

Renault visited Finland to try the local charging network for electric vehicles, which was reported by Iltalehti

The Renault test group wanted to familiarise themselves with the market before launching Renault Zoe in Finland. Renault Zoe electric vehicles have gone on sale with prices starting from 32 000 euros, and the first customers are going to receive their cars during the next spring.

The group tested charging stations with Type 2 connectors in the biggest cities in the Southern Finland. Renault gave excellent grades for the Finnish EV charging network. The charging network proved to be reliable and function well, which is good news to electric vehicle owners and the future of electric transportation in Finland. There are currently 240 public charging points in Finland at the moment, of which 172 are operated by Virta.

We are currently accelerating the growth of the charging network with new services aimed at small businesses, real estates and home users. The new services can already be ordered through our web store. We look forward to build bigger and better EV infrastructure both in Finland and globally with our partners.