Virta receives Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award

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October 5, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Virta Ltd. has been awarded for the innovation performance in electric vehicle charging technology by Frost & Sullivan.

The award is given to innovators introducing game-changing technologies, accelerating the industry development on a global scale. Virta’s smart energy services and broad impact on the energy and EV charging sectors were appraised by the Frost & Sullivan analysts.


The analysis by Frost & Sullivan describes Virta as a strong innovator and claims that the flexibility of Virta’s services will have a wide impact on the whole EV industry. Virta is described as a catalyst, bringing value to the industry by allowing energy utilities to support the energy production with electric vehicles. EV batteries can be used to balance the volatile renewable energy production. Virta provides solutions for electric vehicle drivers, charging point operators and owners, and for the energy sector with a digital-as-a-service approach.

“Virta’s technology innovation with its’ open source-based solutions is accelerating the EV industry to move forward. A scalable, future-proof, turnkey solution with smart charging, demand response and bi-directional charging capabilities is certainly a game changer in the EV industry, which is quantified by the value addition it brings to the end-user”, research analyst Utham Ganesh from Frost & Sullivan describes. 

Jussi Palola, the CEO of Virta, sees the award as an industry benchmark:

“The digital ecosystem surrounding electric vehicles is evolving with an accelerating speed, and Frost & Sullivan has the leading insight on both the technology and markets. Therefore, it is highly appreciated to receive this award based on the most comprehensive analysis of the industry. This award refreshes our drive to push the industry forward together with our partners." 


Photo 1: Virta CEO Jussi Palola and CBDO Elias Pöyry received the Frost&Sullivan Best Practices award in London.

Growth Partnership Company Frost & Sullivan recognises companies for contributions to global economy, and achievements and performance in regional and global markets. The Technology Innovation category follows the criterion of technology attributes, impact, and future business value. Virta was chosen based on the broad impact it has on the entire EV ecosystem, and for catering to the different groups of end-users.

Further information: 

Jussi Palola, CEO of Virta 

tel. +358 50 434 0132 



Virta Ltd. is the forerunner in technologies converging mobility with energy systems. The company was established in 2013. Over 1000 customers from 31 countries are currently operating their EV charging services on the Virta platform.

Frost & Sullivan is a growth consulting company providing companies with research and models to drive growth strategies. Frost & Sullivan has over 50 years of experience in partnering with thousands of companies around the globe. The company has over 1800 industry consultants, analysts and professionals working in over 40 offices around the world.