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Don't miss out. Step into the charging business comfortably with Virta’s solution.

The number of electric car drivers is rising fast, which means the demand for stations is accelerating too. Even though the current need might be covered by installing single charging stations, the next vehicle of choice for most consumers will be electric. Giving consumers a possibility to charge their vehicles is a chance to grow your revenue in multiple ways. By entering the electric car charging business, you attract new customers. Moreover, as their car batteries are being filled, they spend more time consuming your other services.

With Virta’s solution, you can step into the charging business with ease and learn as you go. Service can be modified to fit your needs and, as a charging station owner, you have a chance to view the customer statistics and change the variables any time, rapidly. All Virta charging services can be fully rebranded for your existing brand.

Electric transportation does not have to be a threat to petrol stations –instead, it can offer new ways for the business to boom.

Our solution
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Virta Public – the EV charging service for stop-and-shop locations

Our charging service packages include smart devices and cloud connection to the smartest EV charging software platform on the market. All devices are preconfigured, meaning they connect to the service as they are installed and are immediately ready to be used. You just need to define a charging price before EV drivers start turning up at your location.

Virta Public  is your solution if you are looking for a comprehensive electric car charging solution to attract more customers to use your core services.

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Smart charging service

Why Virta?

Shop while you charge

A public charging station is a great value-added service for your customers – while they enjoy your main service, their batteries will be refilled.

Mobile applications with maps of charging stations are an everyday tool for electric car drivers, and all Virta Public charging stations are added to these maps. Through the roaming feature, your station will be visible and available for all electric car drivers.






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Easy access for all

Just like petrol stations, charging stations are available to everyone.

Charging via the mobile app is generally the most convenient option, as most people keep a smartphone on them at all times. With the app, EV drivers can search for stations that are close to them, start charging, and then pay for the charged energy. RFID cards, key rings, and one-time payment solutions are alternative options. Customers are automatically billed after they have identified themselves to the charging station. All Virta charging stations are easy to use.

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Set the price – we’ll take care of the rest

All Virta charging devices are controlled from the cloud, which makes owning a charging station easy and painless. As a station owner, you get access to the admin system where stations can be managed remotely. The Admin Panel can be used with all common web browsers.

The most important thing you need to do as the station owner is to set a price for charging. After that, stations can be controlled remotely, statistics and bills can be viewed and printed, and maintenance alerts can be sent to Virta. However, pricing is the only thing you are required to do — we’ll take care of the rest.

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EV driver services


Admin Panel

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Charging devices

All Virta devices have the EU standard Type 2 plug. Fast charging stations include both CCS Combo and CHAdeMO charging cables.

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Platform Packages

Our charging platform enables you to build a charging network without any hassle.
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