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Energy Performance of Buildings Directive




Concerning new buildings with 10 or more parking spots

The EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive was updated in 2018. According to this directive, new buildings with more than 10 parking spots will need to be built with tubing for cables to enable electric vehicle charging. The same goes for old buildings that are being renovated.

The number of electric car drivers is rising fast, which means the demand for stations is accelerating too. Even though the current need might be covered by installing single charging stations, the next vehicle of choice for most consumers will be electric. This means that new buildings must be planned with readiness to charge multiple electric vehicles simultaneously.

A charging possibility can increase the value of the building and expand the sales of products and services near the station. For instance, potential home buyers with an electric car will see the installation of charging stations as an important factor in their decision of whether to move in or not.

EV drivers can pay back your investment bit by bit in the price of charging.

Set the price for charging and stations will be instantly ready to use.

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private charging service Virta Public & Private

Choose Virta's charging service

EV charging is much more than just a socket or a device. With Virta's services, you get a smart charging device with the management system, billing and payment solutions, and energy management wrapped up in one package: Virta Private or Public. Virta service is a cloud-based solution, which makes it straightforward to update new features.

The whole process is very simple: Place an order and the devices will be shipped out to you. A professional electrician can install the chargers. After installation, you simply set the price and the charging stations are ready to use.

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Smart charging service

Why Virta?

Smart charging is future-proof

The electrical grid will easily handle the charging loads of thousands of electric cars if they are being charged in a smart way. Smart charging services control charging power and ensure that electrical systems don’t overload. As new buildings are built for future generations, charging should be made more and more flexible.

Cloud-based services can be updated and improved easily, based on the changing needs of consumers and the energy system.

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Effortless management and pricing

Setting a price at Virta Admin Panel is easy and enables the owner to flexibly test different price scenarios.

Depending on the building use, the charger can either be publicly available for all EV drivers or only for those living or working on the premises.

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Avoid overloading with dynamic load management

The electricity system of a building should be able to endure the charging of many EVs at the same time. Dynamic load management, DLM, can help erase the risk of overloading: it restricts the charging load of the stations when multiple cars are being charged. Splitting the charging load cuts the costs of the electrical connection.


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