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Wrapping up 2018 at Virta

Safe to say that the e-mobility sector is booming, and so are we. The 5 highlights of the hot and sweaty 2018 at Virta are here:

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1. Growth 🔝

We outgrew our office space as the amount of Virta employees (or Virtaset as we call them in Finnish) was more than tripled. Virta's charging platform is currently used in 19 countries – the distribution has more than doubled in 2018. In the early 2018, we strengthened our activities in Sweden and France with new sales force, and more comprehensive service offering including both platform services and the sales of a bundled package of devices and charging service.

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The number of charging stations connected to our platform, including both public and private stations, grew with over 170 %. The amount of charged energy in Virta's charging network grew over 220 % (Oct 2017 - Oct 2018).

2. In it for the 🏆


anttikoo-1Our expertise was recognised in multiple competitions. We received the Best Energy Product Brand Award at the CHARGE Energy Branding Awards. Consulting company Frost&Sullivan also awarded Virta for the innovation performance in EV charging technology.

“Virta’s technology innovation with its’ open source-based solutions is accelerating the EV industry to move forward.” - Frost & Sullivan research analyst Utham Ganesh.

3. Fully rebuilt Virta app 💥

Virta_iOS_app_screen_with_frame_5Virta’s mobile application for EV charging was rebuilt from the ground up during 2018. Many new features were implemented, such as personal charging history and possibility to download bills straight from the app. Also the looks went through an evolution: the new app is filled with graphics and animations to improve the charging experience. And what's more, we have some awesome new things waiting for 2019.

4. Virta 💛 E.ON

We made an operational agreement with E.ON SE to start operating their charging network in Europe. The project kicked of with 10 European countries and thousands of charging stations connected to our platform. Happy to have such a forerunner company as a customer – and also as an owner. Read more about E.ON's investment from our fresh press release here.

5. Developing, developing 🤓

ISO15118 Plug&Charge was one of the big development projects that we finished during 2018, but not the only one. A bunch of new and fancy features were added to our backend system, and for instance DLM 2.0 enabling managing the loads of EV charging as part of the electricity consumption in the whole property was implemented.


Dear customers, partners, followers and fans – thank you for sharing an amazing year with us! 

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