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The emergence of electric vehicles is opening new doors for businesses.

The market is only taking baby steps at the moment — now is your chance to stand out before the real competition begins. Large international service chains are in the position of being able to offer EV charging services to their existing customer base, which is bolstered by a wide retail network and many well-known brands. Electric vehicle charging can easily be offered either as a value-added service or primary business. Get started in supporting the rise of sustainable mobility.

The global forecasts show that the demand for EV charging is dramatically increasing.

By as early as 2020, 13 million electric vehicles are expected to be on the roads globally. By 2030, the number of EVs is estimated to reach 130 million.


5.4 million
electric cars


13 million
electric cars


130 million
electric cars

Be a forerunner.

Our services fit many different business models

Value-added services

Giving customers the option to charge their electric vehicles at your location will lead to an increase in on-site sales. Typically, EV drivers don’t just stop to charge their car, but are also likely to eat, shop, and take care of other everyday necessities.

Or your primary business

Building an electric car charging network is not as tricky as you might imagine, especially when you can buy all the necessary tools and features ready-made. Becoming an EV market forerunner would mean you’re participating in building a lucrative service for future EV drivers. With smart, cloud-based tools, you can manage hundreds or thousands of stations with ease.
Our solutions
laddningsplattform Virta EV charging platform

Build a network for electric car charging with Virta

The charging solutions built today have to be ready to support digitalization and electrification. In order to support your customers now and in the future, you’ll need intelligent and future-proof solutions for EV charging.

Whether you’re looking for an value-added service or building a primary business, we have flexible solutions for you. Our charging platform enables you to build a charging network without any hassle.


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Platform solutions

Why Virta?

Charging network management

Our service ensures that managing charging stations is simple. Whether you want to check the status or statistics of your stations, set charging prices, control access rights, or group stations together, it’s quick and easy to do.

Grouping stations together makes them even easier to manage and helps in controlling the charging loads. Testing different business models is part of the fun: All features can be changed whenever you feel like it. Our business intelligence tools will also help you speed up the decision-making process.

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Build up from your existing brand

Building a forerunner brand and supporting the change towards a more sustainable future of mobility and energy will also have a positive impact on your brand. Your existing brand can be used in all end-user products and services. With short time to market you can hit the EV charging market with your own brand in a few weeks.

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White-label solution

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Virta platform packages

Our charging platform enables you to build a charging network without any hassle.

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Charging devices

We also have gathered a collection of the best chargers on the market to get your EV charging business started. All devices are pre-configured and connected to our platform.

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Customer story

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