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Virta Ltd. co-operation with Tesla Motors

Virta electric vehicle charging station network continues its expansion. The newest 50kW quick charging stations are located in central traffic hubs along busy highways.

Virta EV charging network continues its expansion and opens two new stations in Southern Finland. The stations are located next to Finland’s first Tesla Superchargers in Toijala and Paimio where Virta acts as a secondary operator.

Charging service locations for all EV drivers

The new charging service locations meet the requirements from AFI (alternative fuel instrastructure) directive. Services are provided for all electric vehicles regardless of the plug type. As secondary operator Virta supports the non-Tesla driving EV community by providing charging services for the EU-standard plug types. This allows the EV drivers to choose their service provider and supports markets development. 

“The service locations are a wonderful example of joint efforts by different parties in electric traffic business that share a common goal: promote and enhance e-mobility in Finland”, says Virta Ltd. CEO Jussi Palola.

Virta project resource to Tesla

Tesla Motors chose Toijala and Paimio as the first Finnish Supercharger locations. Virta provided Tesla with project resources and support for supercharger network set-up in Finland.  

”Tesla is really grateful for Virta’s help in deploying the first Supercharger stations to Finland”, said Lasse Netterstrom, project developer at Tesla Motors. ”As newcomers entering a new market there is always a lot of different things to learn. What was really great about our cooperation Virta provided us with valuable local contacts as well as their solid knowledge and national insight about local EV charging.”