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Workplaces are one of the most convenient places to charge electric cars.

By offering EV charging services at your workplace, you can encourage employees to support the transformation towards greener mobility.

Virta charging stations are suitable for all employees: Those with a company car and those who drive their own vehicle to work. To make life easier for employees with company cars, their charging invoices can automatically be sent to the employer. Employees without a company car will be billed from their customer accounts.

Not all EV charging solutions are created equal. Smart charging is future-proof, efficient, and safe. Regular household sockets are not suitable for workplace charging: They won’t be able to handle long-term use, which makes them a safety hazard.

Charging via household sockets can also be seen as a tax-free benefit offered by the employer. Workplace charging can even be regulated by law, depending on your location. Charged energy should be always measured. Smart charging is always legal since the total amount of charged kilowatt-hours is measured and billed from the right customer.

From 9 to 5, cars are typically parked outside the workplace.

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Limit the access to employees

Flexibility and a smooth, reliable payment system are the most important features when it comes to workplace charging. Smart charging stations offer you everything you need, both today and in the future.

If the workplace charger is only available to employees, Virta Private is the right solution for you. All our devices come with the chosen Virta service package preinstalled.

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Or offer a public charging station for all EV drivers

Public charging stations might help your workplace gain a reputation as a supporter of green mobility, as the charging stations are visible and available for all electric car drivers out there.

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virta public Virta Public
Smart charging service

Why Virta?

Company and employee cars charged in harmony

Payments and billing are always handled automatically. Whether the station is private or public, all payments are automatically directed to the right customer. EV drivers just have to identify themselves at the charging station, and once they’re done charging they are billed from their prepaid customer account.

If the customer has a company car, invoices can be directed to the employer or a company card.

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Charging station management made easy

Managing the charging station doesn’t require any extra work. As a charging station owner, the only thing you’ll have to do is set the price of charging. If the station is private, employees will need to be granted access to charge at the station. This can be done on the Virta Admin Panel by simply adding the email addresses of the EV drivers to the charging station details.

After installation, the charging station doesn’t need any attention or active monitoring, unless you want to track its usage. And in case there’s ever a problem with the charger, you can send a message to our customer support directly from the Admin Panel.

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Smart features make your investment worthwhile

As the number of electric cars is rising and their battery sizes are growing, it’s becoming increasingly inefficient to install chargers that are not connected to the cloud.

Our smart energy features allow the charging station to respond to all your needs – both today and in the future. Cloud-connected devices can be updated at any time, while new features will be made available to you as and when we develop them. Charging stations can also be grouped together in the cloud and always charged with the maximum power available. In other words, unnecessary system renovations can be avoided by simply charging smart.

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Payments & billing

Station management

Energy management

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Charging devices

All service packages include a smart charging device with one or two Type 2 sockets and a GPRS connection. The devices are easy to use — simply identify yourself and plug in.

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