Case Isorka

The leading EV charging provider in Iceland

Isorka, the leading EV charging provider in Iceland, chose Virta’s white-label solution to kick start their business. Virta helped Isorka to build a nationwide public charging network within a short timeframe.

Isorka was established as a new service for a local environmental management service company. Sigurður Ástgeirsson, founder of Isorka, had had an idea of a similar service on his mind for years when he encounterd Virta. In September 2016 cooperation kicked off with Isorka starting to build charging network with Virta Mobility and Operator backend. Currently Isorka has a nationwide charging network in Iceland with fully customized registration, customer portal as well as web and mobile apps powered by Virta.

"Virta has the coolest and best smart solutions."

Virta's most important characteristics are the forward-looking, fashionable solutions, technical services and burning ambitions to make it even better”, Sigurður Ástgeirsson discloses.


Case Isorka in a nutshell

virta_icons_check_dark.png Virta Mobility back end system + Virta Operator

virta_icons_check_dark.png White label user experience with web and mobile applications, registration page and a customer portal

virta_icons_check_dark.png Localization to Icelandic