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Virta's V2G services make your power company look cool

Elias Pöyry, CBO of EV charging company Virta Ltd had a keynote speech on the topic “V2G is providing full benefit for e-mobility” at the European Utility Week in Paris on Tuesday.

Pöyry was talking about the Virta smart electric vehicle platform that enables running an EV charging business of any size, anywhere in the world, with the customers' brands, and the new possibilities that Virta V2G offers to the EV drivers and energy companies.

Pöyry mentioned that 65 % of the global emissions are produced by the energy and transport sectors, and electric cars, being big batteries on wheels, are enabling a significant reduction of emissions in both segments. 


Virta believes in electrifying everything with zero-carbon power and that there are 3 pillars in solving the climate change – energy efficiency, decarbonisation of electricity production and electrification of energy consumption.


By 2030 there will be more than 100 million electric vehicles globally and most of the battery capacity will be in electric vehicles, which will be one of the most important accelerators of decarbonisation in Europe.

The market offers huge possibilities for power companies and the role of EV charging is directly dependent on their willingness to invest ahead of the market. Different business models are viable in different stages of market maturity - starting as projects, developing to as-a-service and transaction-based business models.

Virta makes EVs a part of the energy system and enables the EV charging businesses to run their business efficiently, offering customer/co-branded solutions that can effectively be accustomed to different brands. Virta has a proven track record in EV energy optimization in the power system, and offers an integrated user experience for the whole customer journey – from home, to fleet and public. Virta believes that strong branding of the services and making the customers look cool helps the branch to grow exponentially

Virta is growing fast: Over 250 charging network owners use the Virta platform to run charging services with over 80 000 registered end-users in 26 countries. 150 000 charging events per month take place on the Virta platform, and 50 million electric vehicle kilometers are charged during the year 2019.

Visit the Virta Team at European Utility Week 12.- 14.11.2019, exhibition hall 1 at booth P91, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France.



For more information about Virta, see press contact:

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