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EV drivers are always eager for a chance to charge their car batteries. Parking complexes and garages are the perfect places for charging.

If you’re the operator of a large parking lot, it’s clearly preferable for the charging of electric cars to be arranged in the safest and most effortless way possible. After all, the charging station shouldn’t cause any extra work for you. While the simultaneous use of multiple chargers causes a strain on the electricity system, Virta’s smart charging features will help you control the charging load.

The chance to charge vehicles can attract a lot of EV drivers to your parking complex. And as your EV charging stations are added to the network operator’s station map, you’ll get even more new customers. You can set a low price for charging to attract more customers, or charge a bit more to get a direct return on your investment –  the decision is yours.

According to an updated EU's Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), all new buildings and premises under renovation that have more than 10 parking spots must prepare for EV charging with pre-wiring for charging points.

The EV market is booming, yet only limited parking spaces offer charging facilities.

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virta public Virta Public

Virta Public – Charging solution for parking areas

The package of charging devices connected to the Virta service allows you to manage your stations with ease. Stations are delivered to your location, and they’re ready to be used after installation. All public stations are added to the charging station maps and can be accessed by EV drivers with the Virta mobile app, an RFID tag, or simply a credit or debit card.

Our device selection also includes a fast charging device. Depending on the location of your parking complex, you might want to consider the option of offering your customers a quick charging experience. If there are services like stores and coffee shops nearby, EV drivers are willing to pay a bit more for a rapid and smooth charging experience.

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Smart charging service

Why Virta?

Install an EV charging point and EV drivers will follow

EV drivers choose where they shop, eat, and park based on charger locations. By offering public charging, your parking space will be added to all the maps used by electric car drivers. Mobile applications with charging location maps are an everyday tool for EV drivers.

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Make money by offering EV charging services

A public charging station is a value-added service. The charging station owner gets to set a price for charging, and it can be defined based on kilowatt-hours, the duration of the charging event, or a combination of the two. By charging a bit more than just the electricity price, EV drivers will pay off the investment. The earnings are transferred to the charging station owner on a monthly basis.

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Dynamic load management at a low cost

Offering fast charging is essential, especially as EV’s battery sizes and charging speeds are developing fast. At large parking complexes, it’s likely that a number of electric cars will be charged simultaneously. Dynamic load management, DLM, ensures that the electricity system will not overload and cars are always charged with the maximum power available. Investing in excessive electricity capacity is unnecessary – smart charging stations take care of electrical safety for you.

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For EV drivers

Station management

Energy management

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Smart charging devices

Virta Public charging stations (AC) are preconfigured and can charge with a maximum power of 22 kW, while fast charging stations (DC) can handle between 50kW-175kW.
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After you have chosen the devices, it's time to select the service package. Learn more about the service packages here.
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Customer story

Our customer Isku Center installed a bunch of charging stations to the parking area of their premises.
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