5 reasons why businesses should invest in smart EV charging

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Apr 13, 2018 1:00:00 PM

If you're already in the EV charging business, you've probably heard of smart charging. But what does it really mean and why should you care?

By choosing our smart charging service, you'll get a clever and convenient solution, save time, and can be sure that all vehicles are charged safely. Not convinced just yet? Here are a few more reasons to invest in smart EV charging. 👇

1. Smart charge point management system

With the help of our smart CPMS, you can conveniently manage and monitor all of your charging devices. For example, you can view and download statistics, report issues, and control charging remotely. Our admin system is easy to use and it can be accessed on any web browser.

2. Automatic billing

When a charging station is used by several EV drivers, automatic paying and billing makes everything considerably faster and easier. With the help of our smart admin system, the charging point owner can set a price for charging, and the charging point user is then automatically billed  either through a Virta account, or with a one-time credit card payment. These payments are delivered straight to the charging point owner’s bank account, once a month.

3. Smart charging devices

You can use our charging service together with the OCPP-protocol. At the moment, you can use our services with the devices of 15 different manufacturers, and the number is constantly growing.

We currently offer integrations to ABB, Ensto, DTB, EVTEC, ICU, Circontrol, GARO, Delta, Schneider Electric, KEBA, Remotec, Efecec, Phoenix Contact, EVBOX, and Mennekes.

4. Smart energy management

With the help of smart energy management, you can protect your local grid from peak loads, and make sure that the maximum load for a group of charging points in e.g. a residential building is not exceeded.

Ideally, the load of each charging device drops a bit with every new user connected. This makes sure that each user gets the same charging power, and if there is only one user, the car is charged with full power. Virta’s dynamic load management (DLM) takes care of this, so you can just sit back and relax.

5. Better customer experience

Public charging points influence EV drivers behavior. Consumers make decisions about where to shop, eat or stay overnight are made based on charging point location. By offering smart EV charging services to your customers, you'll increase loyalty and extend the time of customer visits.

New customers will find their way to your business much more easily when the charging device is connected to a public charging network.A smart charging device communicates with the network and informs the EV driver if the station is free or not, and the driver can reserve the station to avoid unnecessary trips.

Our services include a number of other functions as well  e.g. a one-time payment function for public charging points and optimized charging events based on electricity prices. The smart service is also flexible  when the number of EVs on our roads increase, the charging solutions will keep up.

If you're interested in learning more about how to build a business from EV charging, download our e-book for free.

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