Virta Smart Management – Stress-free EV Business Management

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Jul 13, 2018 1:11:37 PM

At Virta, we're all about making it easy for you to run an EV charging business on the side of your main business. That's why our smart management system locks in a ton of convenient features that make managing your charging business a breeze.

Billing of EV charging doesn't have to be complicated. The comprehensive Virta backend system allows you to set a price for charging, while the revenue flows straight into your bank account once a month.

The smart management system is an important part of managing your charging points. It contains functions like sharing a station's user rights, viewing user statistics and controlling charging remotely. The system also makes it quick and easy to report any issuesLet's take a closer look.

Virta Hub charging stations management dashboard mockup

Automatic billing & setting a charging price

Whether you're running a public or private charging point, as the charging point owner, you can set a price for charging in the management system, and base it either on the amount of electricity charged, the duration of charging, or both.

The revenue from charging events is automatically transferred to your bank account once a month through Virta's billing system. This eliminates all unnecessary paperwork on your part, making the experience hassle-free and straightforward. By setting a charging price, you can earn back the initial investment of installing charging devices, and make a profit with your charging business.

In most locations, the price is the electricity price per charged kWh and maybe a few euros per hour. In the current market situation, a charger added to EV drivers maps itself is often quite a lure, no matter the price.

The login information, as well as user instructions to the management system, are sent to you by email. Log into the system on

If no price is set in the management system, charging is free. Free charging attracts EV drivers to public charging points, but at the work place, free charging turns into a monetary benefit for the employees.

If your employees have company cars, the invoices for charging can be sent straight to the company, but the driver has to notify Virta’s customer service about this.

In a residential building, the price can be set as the price of electricity plus a suitable hourly rate. By setting a price, the EV drivers can repay the investment made by the housing cooperative.

Manage access levels

Private charging stations can only be used by EV drivers who have been granted access to the device. As the owner, you can freely determine who has access to your charging point(s). This is especially important for residential buildings and companies, that want to share charging points only with residents or employees.

In order to give an EV driver user rights, the driver has to be a registered Virta user. If the driver has previously registered with Virta and used a public charging service, no additional registration is necessary. The EV driver can use the same mobile app and RFID for charging at home, at work, and at public stations.

Statistics & administration

The charging point owner can also use the Virta management system for viewing statistics, controlling charging remotely and reporting any issues.

Virta Hub energy management dashboard mockup

Statistics on used kWh, number of charging events, number of EV's charging etc. can all be viewed in the system. If a station is not working properly, you can use the admin panel to check its status and release it for a customer in need. You can also restart the station remotely, and start and stop charging events on the admin panel. If an issue can't be resolved, you can report it and allow our professionals to take care of it for you. All of these features allow for a convenient experience for the charging point owner.