Smart features

We offer you a range of smart features that make managing stations a breeze.

Set prices, view statistics and limit access. Charging station owner has access to Virta Admin Panel to manage their stations.

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Besides the sturdy hardware, all Virta charging devices come with smart features. Owners of Virta charging devices get access to the Virta Admin Panel, which is where station settings and features are managed. The service also allows usage statistics to be monitored. What’s more, the service is cloud-based and we’re constantly developing and adding new features to it.

Service options

Public or Private: You decide

Share with all EV drivers

Virta Public

Virta Public stations are publicly available, meaning that all electric car drivers can charge at your station. Public stations are added to Virta charging station maps, which EV drivers can use to easily locate and reserve chargers, as well as manage their charging events.

In a nutshell, Virta Public is particularly suitable for service locations and places where vehicles are often parked and consumers like to spend time, such as restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, and locations near highways. At public stations, one-time payment and use via roaming networks is also possible. For registered Virta customers, charging is cheaper and much more convenient.

Limit the access

Virta Private

Virta Private is suitable for locations where restricted access to the station is needed, such as residential or office buildings. A private station is only visible on station maps for customers who have access to the station. Station owners can edit access rights by using the Virta Admin Panel.

Access to a device can be given to one or more users. Electric car drivers have to register to the Virta service to charge at private stations.

Virta Public & Private

Here’s what you’ll get


Charging station owners define the price for charging.

Prices can be set and edited any time by using the Virta Admin Panel. The charging price can be defined based on the total charged kilowatt-hours, the duration of the charging event, or a combination of the two. Final prices are automatically sent to the mobile apps of EV drivers.

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Payments and billing

Electric car drivers are automatically charged from their customer account or payment card after each charging event. The total income is transferred monthly to the charging station owner. Station owners can view statistics from the Admin Panel.

Electric car drivers receive a receipt from each charging event that is visible on their customer account and mobile app.

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Smart energy management: Safety guaranteed

All Virta charging devices come with smart charging features. These eliminate the risks of overloading, save money and ensure vehicles are charged safely and securely. The maximum charging power can be restricted from the admin panel.

The dynamic load management (DLM) feature enables you to set a maximum load for a group of charging stations and distribute the charging load between the individual stations. DLM helps you to protect the local grid during the peak hours of electricity consumption. Vehicles can charge with maximum power when possible, but the charging power will drop as more cars begin to be charged simultaneously.

In addition, this feature helps to reduce costs as there’s no need for additional cabling or an increase in the size of the electricity system. Other loads within the premises can also be considered during load management.
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Using the charging stations

Virta Admin Panel allows the charging station owners to handle all station-related management tasks. With the Admin Panel you can view billing history, adjust charging prices, remotely manage chargers and their settings, and find solutions for the most common hindrances.

EV charging is cheaper and more flexible for registered customers. The service for electric car drivers is a prepaid service.

The act of charging itself is very simple. An electric car driver parks beside a station and plugs in the cable. Next, the driver has to identify themselves by either showing their RFID tag to the reader marked on the station, or starting the charging event through the mobile application. At public stations, drivers can also charge without registering by using a one-time payment or via EV charging roaming networks.
Charging instructions for EV drivers
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