Get the perfect DC charger for your needs.

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Get the perfect DC charger for your needs

At a DC charging station, electric cars can charge faster than at a standard AC charging station that only offers up to 22 kW of power.

The charging power can range anywhere from 50 kW up to 600 kW, depending on the model.

We have an extensive range of fast and ultra fast DC charging stations from a variety of trusted partners.

Virta Fast chargers

Virta Ultra Fast chargers

Benefit from fast charging times with DC chargers

With a DC charging station, you benefit from the convenience of faster charging of EVs. DC chargers supply a vehicle directly with direct current (DC) and usually fill the battery in less than 1 hour.

Most EVs now support charging with outputs of up to 150 kW. A DC charger always adapts the charging power to the conditions of the vehicle.

If you're interested in standard AC charging, just click on the button below, and you'll find the available hardware:

Why Virta?

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Short delivery times

We have our own stock of ready-to-be-installed chargers, which means we can guarantee short delivery times for most models. Virta is the fastest way to your DC charging stations.

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Your brand at the forefront

We offer limitless possibilities for branding both the hardware and the software. Keep your customer's focus on your brand throughout the whole charging experience.

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Competitive prices

Benefit from our attractive prices for fast and ultra fast DC charging stations. In case you’re purchasing larger quantities, we also offer discounts.

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