Electric cars offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for companies seeking new business opportunities.

The electric vehicle revolution is happening now.

We provide you with the necessary tools for running your own electric vehicle charging network. Virta’s platform solution includes everything that’s needed to build a charging business, from charging infrastructure management to end-customer services and smart energy management solutions.

Our EV charging platform adapts to multiple business models. You can either manage your own network of charging stations or provide the service for other charging point managers. All solutions are white-labelled and can be customized to meet your customers’ needs.

Our platform solutions are multi-sided. Firstly, we provide you with the tools for operating charging infrastructure. Our back-end solutions offer you flexible tools for managing legions of charging devices. Secondly, we help you to connect with your customers: Electric car drivers. You can offer EV drivers a comprehensive solution for finding and accessing charging stations.

“Fresh, quick, more flexible than others and easier to work with. “

Platform features

All you need for running a robust charging business

Services for EV drivers

For electric vehicle drivers, charging should be an effortless part of everyday life. Our end-user services allow EV drivers to find available charging stations, start and stop charging as they wish, and pay with various payment methods. The service also comes with extensive end-user management features.

All end-user services can be customized in order to match your brand, language, and local currency.

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Charging network management

Virta’s cloud-based platform allows you to manage your charging infrastructure, set up prices, and monitor and manage usage. The service is compatible with most device manufacturers that meet the latest OCPP, Open Charge Point Protocol, standards.

The charging management features give you an extensive set of tools that enable you to control your network with minimal fuss. All payment processes are automated and new features are regularly added.

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Smart energy solutions

We give you the ability to control EV charging based on energy system needs. With the most advanced energy management features on the market, our solutions are 100% future-proof. Electric cars make it possible to balance the supply and demand of electricity. These future-proof features benefit both end-customers and the energy system.
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Platform packages

Our platform solutions serve multiple business models. Pick a package that serves your needs and get started with electromobility.
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