Charging network management

Our platform offers you comprehensive and modular tools that simplify charging infrastructure management.

Whether you’re building a public EV charging network or service offered to a select customer group, there are two core elements involved: The devices and the cloud-based platform with which to manage them.

We follow the OCPP standard, which enables a mix and match of hardware and software. You can pick a device from our selection, or go with a device of your own choice.


Charging network management features

Charging station management

Our cloud-based platform makes managing hundreds or even thousands of charging stations simple and easy. The service includes tools for setting up and managing the charging devices you operate. Maintenance tools allow you to monitor station performance and adjust their settings.

Flexible and automated payments are at the core of the charging business. You can set pricing schemes based on various attributes and edit these schemes at any time. Automated payments support all major currencies.

The device of your choice

The number of EV charging device manufacturers on the market is growing. We have chosen some of the best devices on the market to help you out in building your business. These are all smart, future-proof, and meet all common specifications.

However, our platform is already compatible with most charging devices on the market. This can easily be expanded to cover most manufacturers, as we are always working with the latest Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) standards. Currently, we follow the OCPP 1.5, 1.6, and 2.0 versions, and are constantly updating the platform as new versions come out.

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Business insights

Our admin system provides you with an overview of your charging business and acts as a valuable tool in helping you to develop the service. It gives you the possibility to effortlessly try out various business models and make decisions based on consumer behavior in your location.

Business intelligence features help you to follow key metrics and gain an insight into how your charging business is doing. You can also view statistics of individual stations, station groups, or your whole charging network.


Roaming in the EV charging market is similar to mobile data roaming: Customers of one charging network can use another charging network with just one customer account. Roaming helps you to get more users, more transactions, and more income. Your charging stations can be accessed by EV drivers all around the world in a number of ways, such as through third-party applications or cards. As they don’t need to register to several different services, EV drivers ultimately have an even more comprehensive user experience.

We are currently connected with Europe’s two major roaming networks, Hubject and Gireve.

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End-user service features

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