In this e-book, we break down the future outlook of e-mobility, EV market battlefield and the increasing competition, & how automakers can stay competitive in the transforming automotive industry.


As more and more countries ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the coming decades, the auto industry has two choices—get swallowed up by the competition or seize the opportunity to reimagine and shape the automotive industry’s future.

The automotive and energy industries are converging. Meanwhile, oil companies are becoming energy providers for mobility, with electricity playing an ever-increasing role. These transformations offer a once in a lifetime chance to create new revenue streams from electric vehicle (EV) charging and dominate the market while there’s still room left. 

So how can automakers spearhead the EV revolution to its advantage?

In this e-book, you’ll read about:

• The rapid transition to electric vehicles and the future outlook of e-mobility

• The EV market battlefield and increasing competition

• How automakers can stay competitive in the rapidly transforming automotive industry

• A magic bullet solution: Charging Business as a Service


Automakers can’t only rely on the sole profitability of automobiles. They need to think bigger.