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Virta x Tesla boost the expansion of the AC charging network

Tesla and Virta see a mutual interest in collaborating in enhancing charging opportunities for EV drivers throughout Finland. The goal is to expand both Tesla’s and Virta’s charging networks to cover key travel routes outside major cities

Tesla and Virta will select destinations with desirable locations across Finland to offer the new service that consists of EV charging stations from both companies. In practice, chargers will be evenly distributed to cover key routes between cities and transportation hubs, enabling EV drivers’ access to charging across the country.

Virta is a natural choice to assist the expansion of Tesla’s Destination Charging network, due to their strong market position. The joint project is not the first one between the companies, as Virta helped Tesla introduce the first Superchargers to Finland in 2015.

Companies considered to be exceptional destinations will be selected, enabling these companies to install multiple charging points from Virta as well as Tesla at a lower price.


More information: CEO Jussi Palola, jussi.palola@virta.global, +358 50 434 0132


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