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Virta Bundle

Preconfigured charging devices with a management system.


EV charging is so much more than just a socket. Virta Bundle includes cloud connected charging devices, access management and automatic billing. 


The service suits both private and public charging needs. Choose a price for charging - we take care of the rest.


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preconfigured charging point.png  Preconfigured charging devices


  • Smart EV charging devices for all needs

    • Based on years of experience we've selected the best devices available
    • Wall- and pole-mounted versions even for harsh conditions
    • EU standard Type 2, CCS and CHAdeMO plugs
  • Preconfigured means less work
    • After installation, the device automatically connects to Virta's cloud
    • Set a price for charging and you're ready to go


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EV charging admin system.png  Smart admin system


  • As a customer you can manage and monitor your charging devices with our admin system
  • You can for example
    • Set a price for charging
    • Limit usage to selected users
    • View and download statistics
    • Limit charging power
    • Start and stop charging remotely
  • The admin system can be accessed on any web browser



EV charging payment.png  Universal payment and billing


  • EV drivers can start charging and pay with

    • Virta's iOS, Android and web applications
    • Credit card payment web app (one-time payment)
    • Third party applications and RFID tags through roaming
  • Money is transferred automatically to the charging device owner


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EV charging load management.svg  Intelligent energy management


  • Virta's service protects your local grid from peak loads with dynamic load management (DLM)
    • Set a maximum load for a group of charging points in a specific area, e.g. a residential building or a neighbourhood
    • The service distributes loads between devices in use
    • Charging points are controlled from the cloud - no extra cabling required
  • The service can also take into account other loads besides EV charging

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Hesburger became a Virta Bundle customer back in 2015 - bringing EV fast charging to several restaurants at the same time. The restaurant chain with 400 locations in 7 countries wanted to be a forerunner by providing charging as a value-added service.

"We chose Virta because we could outsource all aspects of EV charging to them. So no extra work for us", says Hesburger's Vice President Jari Vuoti.

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