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Virta Bundle

Make EV charging easy

Virta Bundle includes cloud connected charging devices, access management, automatic billing and comprehensive support. Choose a price for charging - we take care of the rest.

EV owners eat, shop and sleep where there is a charging point

Start attracting new customers today. Virta Bundle charging points can be found by EV drivers on our own apps, third party apps through roaming and on car navigation systems.

Cars are parked 95 % of time at home or work

It's becoming a necessity to offer charging in residential and commercial buildings. Virta Bundle lets you choose who can use your charging point and how much they pay for it. No need for laborious paper work.


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Attract EV drivers
The charging points can be easily found and accessed by EV drivers.
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Pricing and billing
Set a price for your charging point. The EV driver is billed automatically.
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Safety first
The safe charging device is remotely controlled and can limit charging power.

Admin panel

As a customer you can access our admin panel to monitor and manage your charging devices. 

You can for example:

  • Limit usage to selected users
  • Set a price for charging
  • View and download statistics
  • Start and stop charging remotely


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Best devices on the market


Based on years of experience we've carefully selected the best devices available.

The service includes one or more cloud connected charging devices with a Type 2, CHAdeMO or CCS standard plug.


Charging in the Nordics?

The service is currently available in the Nordic countries. In Finland you can order the service straight from our webstore. In Sweden, Norway and Denmark, please contact our Nordic sales team.


Become a partner

Interested in selling the best bundled charging service to your own customers? We're looking for partners in other markets outside the Nordics. Our modular system allows using Virta Bundle together with our Home, Operator and Mobility services. Leave us a message and let's talk.

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