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Virta is chosen as the AWS global sustainability and automotive flagship case

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has selected Virta as the global sustainability and automotive flagship case, recognising its pioneering efforts in accelerating electric mobility.

”Utilising the robust capabilities of Amazon Web Services, Virta is reshaping the landscape of electric mobility. By seamlessly connecting electric vehicles to a cutting-edge digital infrastructure, they're not just advancing technology, but also championing a profound commitment to sustainability, ensuring a greener future for all,” says Thomas Blood, EMEA Sustainability Leader at AWS.

The shift to electric mobility plays a crucial role in achieving global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets. However, concerns about the availability of charging services remain a significant hurdle for consumers considering purchasing electric vehicles (EVs). To overcome this barrier and accelerate the transition to green mobility, Virta is focused on rapidly and affordably building and scaling EV charging services.

Virta provides European and Southeast Asian companies, enterprises, fleets, and charging networks with the most cost-effective, scalable, and secure way to start and expand their EV charging business quickly through AWS.

Using AWS services helps Virta offer the best level of security and reliability for its customers, while taking into account their local requirements.

“New customers often ask where our servers are. When we mention we run on AWS, they’re happy. Having the AWS capability to decide where the data is located helps, too, because customers ask whether their data is located inside the EU to comply with data privacy regulations,” says Jussi Ahtikari, Chief Technology Officer at Virta.

Read the case study on how Virta uses AWS to help EV charging businesses expand globally.