How Virta makes EV charging more relevant

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March 19, 2020 at 5:10 PM

Virta ensures the normal operation of EV charging services as critical infrastructure of the society. In many countries the number of electric vehicles has already reached a level where the functioning EV charging services are a part of critical infrastructure for mobility.

As a critical infrastructure operator for electric mobility, Virta has taken necessary measures to ensure that the functionality and the operational reliability of the charging services will remain stable and the contingency of charging services is secured at all times.


Natural role as serving the critical infrastructure

In 28 different countries, EV charging services are currently operating on the Virta platform. Virta services are integrated to the energy system and critical energy infrastructure. Virta key customers, the largest energy utilities in Europe are also part of the critical infrastructure in Europe and provide their EV charging services on Virta’s platform. Virta has committed to service levels and security standards that meet the highest level of reliability and security.


Measures taken to ensure safety and business critical operations

Naturally our greatest priority is to secure the health and safety of our team, customers and society without compromising our service level. Virta’s operational model is well designed for remote and distributed work. Working remotely has been at the core of our operations during normal times as well. We have also made arrangements to ensure availability of key persons & skills.

From the very beginning, our approach has been to build systems that don’t depend on physical location. Our production infrastructure is hosted in Amazon’s cloud platform and all internally used services are cloud-native systems with high resilience (e.g. Microsoft cloud, Atlassian cloud). Our security and availability processes (including but not limited to practices set in ISO27001) continue in normal mode. Our development, testing, deployment and monitoring practices are continuing normally.


Developing the future of energy security with V2X and charger demand response

Virta is developing and producing solutions to ensure security of supply in locations where electric vehicles serve also as an emergency power system. This can be at home, at the office or other facilities that can face outages in electricity supply.

Part of Virta’s core business is to ensure that the energy supply, and especially the supply provided by variable renewable energy, can be reinforced with the help of electric vehicles. V2X and smart charging allow the use of EV’s as a controllable asset of the energy system. Utilizing the expanding fleet of EV’s by enabling them to become a part of the energy supply chain ensures resilience in energy output and stability in prices.


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