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Virta gives ski holiday week revenue to Protect Our Winters

Virta Ltd has entered a collaboration with Protect our Winters in search for emission free transportation around the world. Protect our Winters (POW) and Virta partnership aims to increase the low-emission vehicle usage and decrease old habits in everyday commuting.

During the next week – a ski holiday week in many countries - Virta will redirect all revenue made during the week from their EV charging network in Virta branded EV charging to support POW’s operations related to the cooperation agreement for the year 2020.

“Reducing emission in mobility is POW’s international focus for the year of 2020. We could not wish for a better partner than Virta to promote this message”, said Niklas Kaskeala, Chairman of POW Finland.

“The worst impact and most emissions within winter sports come from transportation and commuting. Reducing these emissions is strongly on POW’s agenda. We want to encourage skiers to commute to the resorts and tracks with as little emission as possible. It’s important to have Virta making this possible, and involved in our work”, Kaskeala stated.

Virta's mission is to promote electric mobility by making EV charging available everywhere and to everyone. Virta’s vision is to enable zero emission transportation globally.

“The mission of POW and the mission of Virta are well aligned. By partnering with POW we are able to both raise awareness on zero emission transportation as well as participate in concrete projects to support our mission“, says Elias Pöyry, Deputy CEO of Virta.

“Also, our company culture is strongly linked with healthy lifestyle, sports and enabling a better tomorrow in a positive and pragmatic way”.

This winter has been exceptionally warm throughout Europe, thus creating added pressure for necessary actions for a sustainable future. According to the European Environment Agency, road transport is remaining dominant in the share of transport greenhouse emissions. Passenger transport demand is on the rise and saw a 2% rise between 2016 and 2017 - reaching an all-time high – 30% higher than 1995. In passenger transport, car travel accounts for just over 70% of total passenger transport.


Protect Our Winters (POW) is an organization of passionate outdoor people protecting the places and lifestyles they love from climate change. POWs message and mission are to preserve nature by turning passion for the outdoors into practical actions for climate.