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Survey shows Virta leads in customer satisfaction in Nordic countries

Virta, the fastest-growing electric vehicle charging platform in Europe, tops EPSI Rating's new survey on the customer satisfaction of EV drivers with different charging services in the Nordic countries. 

In Finland, Virta was rated the second best player in terms of customer satisfaction. In Sweden, E.ON came in second place and OKQ8 in third, both of which use Virta's
platform and are part of Virta's network. 

The independent research and consumer organisation EPSI Rating conducted the survey during November and December 2022. The survey shows that Virta has a strong position in customer satisfaction in the Nordics and challenges American company, Tesla, which took the top spot in all the Nordic countries.  

Martin Lundgren, Country Manager for Virta Sweden, comments on the survey results:

“The results of the EPSI survey are incredibly important to us—they show that we are on the right path forward in how we enable our customers to meet the market's needs. Our platform delivers a charging experience that creates great customer satisfaction. The vehicles of the future will be largely powered by electricity, so it is crucial to understand, meet, and anticipate the needs and experiences of users in order to facilitate the green transition in the best possible way. We are demonstrably doing that today and will of course continue to do so in the future.”

About EPSI Rating Group


EPSI (Extended Performance Satisfaction Index) Rating Group is a non-profit research organisation owned by the Swedish Institute for Quality (SIQ), which in turn is owned by the Swedish state. EPSI Rating was founded as an EU research project at the Stockholm School of Economics in 1989, and since 1999, the organisation has conducted industry surveys that measure customer- and employee satisfaction as well as organisations’ social responsibilities and management effectiveness.