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Virta as finalist in The Building Growth Competition 2023

The finalists for this year’s Building Growth Competition organised by the Finnish Venture Capital Association and PwC have been selected!

The Building Growth Competition seeks the most interesting and inspiring story of the year that highlights the collaborative efforts between private equity and venture capital professionals and portfolio companies in building growth. Once again, the choice was not easy, as each contestant demonstrated impressive growth figures and innovation. However, four inspiring growth stories stood out, and they will compete for the victory at the FVCA’s Fall Seminar on 28 September. This year's finalists are IQM, MV-Jäähdytys, Neural DSP and Virta!

Each finalist stands out as a pioneer in their field, either in Finland or even on a global scale. The growth stories of the finalists are very different from each other, yet they share the common goal of improving their respective industries and creating positive change through groundbreaking technology. Additionally, the finalists have demonstrated their ability to turn the uncertain global situation of recent years into success.


Energy services company Virta has developed an electric vehicle (EV) charging platform that integrates the various stages and operators of EV charging into a single ecosystem. The company enables new service providers to operate EV charging businesses and has significantly accelerated the development of electric vehicle usage, evident from its extensive network of over 350,000 charging points worldwide. Virta's mission is to combat climate change, and the founders recognized early on that electric vehicles would play a major role in sustainable development.

Virta was nominated to the Building Growth Competition by Tesi and Helen Ventures.


IQM is Europe's leading quantum technology company, with the potential to revolutionize the world in countless ways through the quantum computers they develop. The uniqueness of quantum computers is based on their incredible computing power. The significantly more efficient machines themselves save a tremendous amount of energy and moreover, they are capable of solving scientific problems that contribute to addressing challenges such as combating climate change and advancing the pharmaceutical industry.
Despite the novelty of the industry and the lack of examples, IQM has been able to successfully solve various challenges and grow into a significant employer.

IQM's growth has been supported by Maki.vc among others.


Maintenance company MV-Jäähdytys specializes in cooling equipment, cold and freezing rooms, heat pumps, as well as professional kitchen appliances. Aa a family-owned business with a long-standing history, MV-Jäähdytys has managed to become a national leader in a competitive field by implementing a unique sales concept and advanced technology to support its work. Sustainability is also deeply ingrained in the company's values, as it has never laid off its employees throughout its history – not even during the pandemic.

The story of MV-Jäähdytys has been supported by Korona Invest.

Neural DSP

Neural DSP is a manufacturer of sound processing software and hardware, such as amplifiers, aiming to democratize access to world-class sound through digitalization and automation. At the core of the company's innovative device algorithms is machine learning, enabling the production of traditionally expensive musical equipment at a lower cost and in a significantly smaller size. Additionally, the entrepreneurial story behind Neural DSP is just as intriguing as its innovative products.

Neural DSP was nominated to the Building Growth Competition by Trind Ventures.

The winner of the Building Growth Competition will be chosen by an external panel of experts at the FVCA’s Fall Seminar on September 28th. The members of the judging panel will be announced at a later date.

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