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Fingrid – Encouraging employees to drive electric vehicles

Fingrid, a Finnish transmission system operator, is offering smart EV charging to their employees and visitors. The company has had charging stations since 2017, and in 2018 more stations were ordered due to active use of employees. By offering EV charging, Fingrid promotes a clean future by making sure the day-to-day life of their employees with electric cars runs smoothly.

Providing EV charging to your employees is a great way of promoting a more sustainable lifestyle while staying relevant in our ever-developing world. With the booming amount of EV models coming out, more and more people will consider electric vehicles, making charging infrastructure crucial for development. Fingrid has six charging points at the moment, providing both employees and visitors with smart EV charging. Their aspiration is that by providing charging points, they can encourage more employees to use BEV's and plug-in hybrids.



"We want to encourage more employees to get EV's by making EV charging easier on our premises."

Timo Ristikankare, Real Estate Manager, Fingrid

As a forward-looking and innovative company of the energy industry, Fingrid found Virta to be the right partner for them. By using Virta Private service as a company, they can easily provide both employees and visitors with easy-to-use, convenient EV charging. The users can pay either with the Virta app, with a Virta RFID card or key chain. At publicly available stations, also one-time payment is possible.

The charging point owner gets to control who has access to the charging points and set a price for charging. By providing free EV charging, employees have an incentive to pursue for a more sustainable life and their every-day life with EVs becomes smoother.

Virta Private service allows you to:

  • plus_blueManagement and monitoring of the charging devices remotely in the Admin Panel
  • plus_blueSetting a price for charging and limiting the charging power
  • plus_blueLimiting usage to selected users, or allowing anyone to use the device
  • plus_blueStarting and stopping charging remotely


Read more about Virta Private - the perfect charging service for corporations and housing cooperatives that want to offer smart charging to their employees and residents

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