AllWinds + ACS-Infinity — Taking sustainability further

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June 7, 2018 at 1:18 PM

Driving an electric vehicle (EV) is, everything considered, more sustainable than driving an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. But, in quest of lowering CO2 emissions, driving an EV is not enough as long as you charge it with electricity from non-renewable energy sources.

The energy companies ACS-Infinity and Allwinds at the Aland Islands, Finland, are together promoting the usage of clean energy, by offering local companies Virta's EV charging services, powered by local wind power.

Many EV drivers pat themselves on the back for leading a more sustainable life than ICE drivers, but if the source of the electricity that you charge your EV with isn't renewable, you are unfortunately still contributing to rising levels of CO2 emissions, and ultimately, climate change. Don't get us wrong, electric cars are still many times more sustainable than ICEs, and frankly the future of mobility, but it is important to take into regard the energy source. Alanders ACS-Infinity & Allwinds are making it possible for their customers to charge responsibly, by providing electricity derived from local wind power. According to ACS-Infinity's Head of Projects Kristoffer Pomrén, more and more people are choosing EVs and hybrids at the Aland Islands, but there is still some way to go.

"Green energy is already held in high regard by locals, but we are hoping that this joint effort will further promote the usage of EVs as well."
Kristoffer Pomrén, Head of Projects, ACS-Infinity

åland electric car charging

Wind power, although disputed, is far cleaner than many other energy sources. In a beautiful archipelago like Aland, where the winds blow year-round between all of the thousands of islands, wind power is a natural answer to energy needs.

Aland Islands - EV paradise?

Aland is in many ways the perfect place for EV driving: clean energy is readily available, more and more chargers are appearing, and since Aland is a small community with short distances, EVs are ideal for leading a sustainable life while still getting around. Even better, the local government is subsidising new charging points in order to help make the transition into sustainable transport and mobility more rapid. By 2030, selling new ICEs will no longer be allowed at Aland, and by 2050 the community is aiming at having zero ICEs in traffic and being CO2 neutral.

Virta's electric car charging solutions at Aland

At the Aland Islands, the charging devices use Virta's charging solutions. This makes life easier both for the service providers and the EV drivers. As a charging point owner, you can control who has access to your charging points and set a price for charging. By providing Virta's EV charging, you create an incentive for people to lead a more sustainable life, and make the every-day life of EV drivers a lot easier.

Virta service allows:

  • Charging point owners (CPOs) to manage and monitor the charging devices remotely in the Virta Platform
  • EV drivers to use our convenient app to find chargers and control charging
  • Relevant user statistics for both CPOs and EV drivers
  • Starting and stopping charging remotely

Virta has EV charging services that fit your every need, no matter if you are an EV driver or a charging point operator.

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