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Virta connects key EV charging roaming networks

Virta’s platform plays a pivotal role in connecting the European electro mobility ecosystem. In France Virta has taken part in a consortium pushing interoperability to the next level.

This week Indre-et-Loire in France became a focal point in European electro mobility. Hubject and Gireve, two players developing so called roaming networks, decided to build a connection through Virta's platform. The deal strengthened Virta's position as a forerunner in international roaming.

The idea of roaming in EV charging is fairly simple. Just like with mobile telecommunications operators, roaming networks connect operators to allow interoperability. End users get access to charging points in different regions with a single subscription. Charging point owners get more potential users for their network. Electro mobility service providers offer better service to their customers with an extended network.

For example all Virta's end users get access to over 10 000 charging stations across Europe with the same mobile app and RFID card they use at their local charging points.

A charging network operator using Virta's services can connect to the roaming networks with ease. You can focus on running your EV charging business - we take care of the complexity in the background.

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