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Virta receives EcoVadis silver medal for sustainability performance

EcoVadis, the world's largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, awarded Virta a silver medal for the second year in a row. With an overall score of 66/100, Virta improved its rating by 11 points from the 2021 assessment, and is just one point away from reaching the gold level. 

The 2022 EcoVadis rating places Virta in the 91st percentile and amongst the top 25% of all companies assessed.

EcoVadis evaluates over 90,000 companies across over 200 industries in more than 160 countries annually. The EcoVadis assessment rates corporate sustainability across four themes: environment, labour & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. 

Based on the assessment, Virta’s performance on ethics and labour & human rights were found to be on an advanced level, and the environment and sustainable procurement scores were at a good level. Virta’s main improvement steps since 2021 were taken in the environment category, followed by the labour & human rights and sustainable procurement categories. 

“Our company’s strong emphasis on sustainability can be seen in our improved EcoVadis score. The assessment has also given us new insights into how we can develop further, and we are determined to continue being a leader in sustainable EV charging,” says Antonia Åkerberg, Sustainability Manager at Virta.

Virta’s mission is to help solve the climate crisis by bringing electric mobility to people’s daily lives and the energy system. A yearly EcoVadis assessment will take place to track the development of Virta’s sustainability work.

As part of the rating methodology, a team of international sustainability experts at EcoVadis analyse and crosscheck companies’ data (supporting documents, 360° Watch Findings, etc.) in order to create reliable ratings, taking into account each company’s industry, size, and geographic location.

About Virta

Virta is a global leader of EV charging platform technologies. We offer the world’s fastest and most cost-effective channel to launch, scale, and operate commercial services in this EV charging ecosystem—as a primary business or as a value-added service. 

Our vision is to enable the transition towards sustainability. We bring electric mobility to people’s daily lives and make EVs a crucial part of tomorrow’s energy system. Our smart charging and energy management solutions provide a helping hand in the fight against climate change and save our customers energy and extra costs.

Virta operates in more than 30 countries globally, enabling EV charging services of over 1,000 networks that operate over 50, 000 charging points on the Virta smart charging platform. Including roaming, the Virta platform gives EV drivers access to 250, 000 charging points globally. Since January 2022, Virta also operates in Asia-Pacific markets from its Singapore office.  


About EcoVadis

Since its founding in 2007, EcoVadis has grown to become the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 90,000+ rated companies.

EcoVadis provides the leading solution for monitoring sustainability in global supply chains. Using innovative technology and sustainability expertise, EcoVadis strives to engage companies and help them adopt sustainable practices.


Contacts and enquiries:

Antonia Åkerberg, Sustainability Manager at Virta 


Tel. +358 400 366 295